Disney Princesses with braces

What if Disney princesses had braces? Loryn Brantz is an artist and illustrator that created the following drawings of some famous heroines with orthodontic treatment. Can you recognize Elsa, Mulan, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana, Pocahontas, and Cinderella wearing her headgear?

Celebrities without teeth

What would some famous people look like if they had no teeth? Here are artistic conceptions of some celebrities showing their faces and their smiles if they had no teeth. Do they look different to you?

If the answer is yes, that’s why brushing and flossing is important to maintain healthy teeth and keep them all your life.

Regenerative tooth filling

Scientists are working on to create regenerative dental fillings, which may allow teeth to partially heal themselves. The new tooth filling is made of synthetic biomaterials. It stimulates stem cells in the tooth to grow new dentin, which is the bony material which makes up the inside layer of your teeth, right under the enamel.

This would allow patients to regrow damaged teeth and to partially fill the cavities naturally, and possibly eliminating the need for root canal procedure.

Researchers hope to further develop this technology, and make it available for dental patients as an alternative to traditional fillings

Source: https://www.facebook.com/ScienceNaturePage/

Dental materials to make art!

In this video, an artist uses common dental materials to make art! Alginate, which is usually used to take impressions of teeth, is here prepared in a bucket and hands are placed in it. After a few minutes the alginate hardens and the hands are delicately removed without tearing or causing distortion on the impression material.

Then the hands impression needs to be casted. The material used is plaster, which hardens after about an hour. When the alginate is removed, an artistic statue is created!

Source of the video : 3 Boyutlu Bebek el ayak kalıbı

The smile of Tim Borrmann

Tim Borrmann is a young German-born model who figures in several clothing brands including Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Tailor. On his photos he usually has particularly serious look. Unfortunately in several pictures he is smoking, which is bad for his dental health and general health.

But it was possible to find some pictures of Tim Borrmann where he was smiling

or laughing genuinely, showing his beautiful teeth. Hoping that he will keep them healthy for a long time!

Audrey Hepburn smiles!

Audrey Hepburn charmed the cameras with her beautiful and graceful smile, from the times that she was an actress, and the periods of her life where she was a humanitarian.

Marilyn’s smile

Marilyn Monroe always expressed grace and sincerity in her genuine smile, and this completed her glamorous and sexy look.

If you want to achieve a beautiful smile like the one that Marilyn, you don’t necessarily need expensive dental treatments. But you must work on your oral and facial hygiene, as well as on your attitude!

Here is the gallery of Marilyn Monroe’s smile:

Japanese dental clinic and residence in Nagano

This beautiful architectural work is located in Nagano, Japan. It is a dental clinic, but also the residence of the dentist that owns it. It is 3.75 meters high, and has an area of 274 square meters.








It’s a reinforced concrete building where the outside is made of urethane resin paint and photo-catalytic treatment. Where the inside walls and ceilings are made of acrylic acid resin paint. Homogeneous vinyl tile covers the floor. The construction was completed in the year 2005.

Tooth cupcake

Here’s how to make a cupcake in the shape of a tooth! I don’t know the exact recipe, but it’s an opportunity to be creative and try ingredients. Enjoy exploring and savouring, but don’t forget to brush your teeth after!

Tooth cupcake


Tattoo on your tooth

Did you say a tattoo in the shape of a tooth on your body? No it’s actually a tattoo on your tooth! Or at least on a dental crown that your dentist then places on your tooth.









Patient instructions for lip bumper

A lip bumper is an dental appliance designed by dentists or orthodontists that has the purpose of correcting or holding into position the lower adult molar teeth and making sure that they do not come forward until the adult premolars (bicuspids) have erupted.

When a young patient is wearing a lip bumper, here are the instructions to follow:

  • a lip bumper should be worn 24 hours per day with the only exception being to brush your teeth;
  • the lip bumper has been placed so that it can be removed for thorough brushing; however, should it become obvious that you are not wearing the bumper 24 hours per day, it can be tied in permanently;
  • When wearing the lip bumper, remember to hold your lower lip up and over it rather than letting it rest under the wire;
  • when removing the lip bumper for brushing, pull it out in a straight forward motion; don’t lift up on the appliance or rock it back and forth because this might eventually loosen the bands;
  • The lip bumper is a comfortable appliance and should not cause sore spots or break the skin; If you are having any problems with the it, call your dental office and they will adjust the lip bumper comfortably.