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Botox is a treatment usually offered by cosmetic surgeons, and sometimes even by dentists depending on the regulations of the country. Dentists are in fact perfect candidates for administering botox, since they are very comfortable with injections.


Toothbrushes: electric or regular?

When you compare a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush, and you consider that the brushing time is the same, the electric one would be more efficient at dislodging plaque and food debris. This does not mean that a regular toothbrush would not perform well. It is as effective as an electric toothbrush, but it takes more effort and more time.

Young children are the ones who benefit the most from an electric toothbrush because it compensates for their lack of dexterity. It also motivates them more to brush. Furthermore, it is easier for a parent to clean their child’s teeth with an electric toothbrush.

Tea and coffee drinkers can also benefit from an electric toothbrush, because it makes the stains on teeth accumulate less quickly. This is also true for smokers, although it is advisable not to smoke at all. Tea on the other hand, especially green tea, is very beneficial for your health, even if it stains teeth.

The disadvantages of the electric toothbrush include the fact that replacing its heads is expensive. Depending on whether these heads have soft or extra-soft bristles, they should be changed every 6 to 12 weeks, which means a significant investment for an entire family.

In addition, an electric toothbrush’s vibrations and rotations must be gentle so as not to cause long-term damage to the teeth and gums. It is also very important to choose quality heads with soft or extra-soft bristles.


Electric or regular, which toothbrush is better?

How does it feel to be numb at the dentist?

As the people’s oral hygiene becomes better, generation after generation, people are going to need less dental treatments. This is a very good thing! But for those who occasionally need a small filling, or other treatment, they might apprehend the “needle” they will receive at the beginning of their appointment.

What should you expect from dental anaesthesia?

First your dentist will inject you with the anaesthetic solution. Most dentists apply a spray or gel first, to numb the area of the injection so you could feel less the needle. Each person has a different perception of pain, therefore the injection might be completely painless, or cause some discomfort or mild pain. Then when it kicks in, you will feel tingling at the numbed area.

Depending of which tooth needs to be anaesthetized, sometimes the numbing sensation can affect only that tooth, or it could be a whole section of your mouth. The neighbouring lip, tongue, cheek, or even nose can also get numb.

Today’s anaesthetics are very good, but not always efficient from one injection. If you feel pain when your dentist starts working, it is important to advise him or her. Sometimes more injections are needed.

There are different types of anaesthetic solutions. Some last a few moments, where others last several hours. The choice is made by your dentist depending on your health, and the type of treatment that is planned.

When the anaesthesia wears off, you will feel tingling and then your mouth will be normal. You might feel pain at the injection site for a few days.

Very rarely someone can have the numbing effect last a few days or a few months. This is called paresthesia. But there are no documented cases where paresthesia lasted throughout someone’s life just from the injection.


Nature, Articaine buccal infiltration vs lidocaine inferior dental block – a review of the literature.

Caring for dental fillings

When having fillings on your teeth, it is important to follow your dentist’s short-term and long-term instructions in order to keep your fillings and your mouth healthy for a long time.

Here are a few reminders of how you can take care of your fillings and your teeth.

Eating and drinking

If you just had your dental fillings done, you may need to wait a little before eating and drinking. Silver or grey fillings do not get hard instantly. It takes them 24 hours to become totally hard. Therefore dentists recommend not eating anything for the first hour after you appointment for the filling, and 24 hours before eating something hard.

Composite, or white fillings, become hard instantly during your dental apointment, when your dentist cures them with the blue light. You don’t need to wait before eating something on white fillings.

For the following days and years, unless instructed otherwise, you may eat normaly on teeth with fillings, just like you would eat on your other teeth.

Brushing and flossing

It goes without saying that you must maintain good oral hygiene because the teeth that have fillings are still at risk of getting further tooth decay if not cleaned properly.

Fillings themselves do not get cavities. Decay would start on the remaining tooth, or on the junction between the tooth and the filling. Brushing and flossing is therefore very important to keep the tooth healthy for a long time.


Depending of how big or how destroyed the tooth was, a dental crown might be a better treatment option than a filling. In cases of extensive decay, the fillings done would have stopped the cavity and sealed your tooth. But that tooth remains fragile to chewing forces, and to protect it, it would be better to procede with a dental crown.

Beware for tooth grinding

Fillings are a good treatment option for small and medium size cavities. A tooth with a filling stays a little bit more fragile than a tooth with no filling at all. Hense, if you grind your teeth (bruxism), your teeth that have fillings might fracture more easily. Sometimes the remaining tooth fractures and the filling stays in place! It would be then important to take care of the teeth grinding problem to keep your teeth and jaw healthy.

Regular exams

Routine checkups at your dentist are important to make sure your fillings are fitting correctly and that your teeth are healthy. Seeing your dentist every 6 months is what is recommended by most dental associations.


Esophagus impression

Dentists take impressions everyday. Whether it’s for dentures, crowns, bridges, implants or simply for a nightguard, they have to deal with keeping the patient comfortable, especially if he or she suffers from gag-reflex.

But rarely, a patient has no gag whatsoever, and if it happens that the dentist placed a lot of impression material in the impression tray, all the excess material flows to the throat, and beyond! And you never realize that until, a couple of minutes later, you remove the tray and get a big surprise 🙂


Tooth, definition and scheme.

Disney Princesses with braces

What if Disney princesses had braces? Loryn Brantz is an artist and illustrator that created the following drawings of some famous heroines with orthodontic treatment. Can you recognize Elsa, Mulan, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana, Pocahontas, and Cinderella wearing her headgear?

Celebrities without teeth

What would some famous people look like if they had no teeth? Here are artistic conceptions of some celebrities showing their faces and their smiles if they had no teeth. Do they look different to you?

If the answer is yes, that’s why brushing and flossing is important to maintain healthy teeth and keep them all your life.

Regenerative tooth filling

Scientists are working on to create regenerative dental fillings, which may allow teeth to partially heal themselves. The new tooth filling is made of synthetic biomaterials. It stimulates stem cells in the tooth to grow new dentin, which is the bony material which makes up the inside layer of your teeth, right under the enamel.

This would allow patients to regrow damaged teeth and to partially fill the cavities naturally, and possibly eliminating the need for root canal procedure.

Researchers hope to further develop this technology, and make it available for dental patients as an alternative to traditional fillings


The smile of Tim Borrmann

Tim Borrmann is a young German-born model who figures in several clothing brands including Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Tailor. On his photos he usually has particularly serious look. Unfortunately in several pictures he is smoking, which is bad for his dental health and general health.

But it was possible to find some pictures of Tim Borrmann where he was smiling

or laughing genuinely, showing his beautiful teeth. Hoping that he will keep them healthy for a long time!

Audrey Hepburn smiles!

Audrey Hepburn charmed the cameras with her beautiful and graceful smile, from the times that she was an actress, and the periods of her life where she was a humanitarian.

Marilyn’s smile

Marilyn Monroe always expressed grace and sincerity in her genuine smile, and this completed her glamorous and sexy look.

If you want to achieve a beautiful smile like the one that Marilyn, you don’t necessarily need expensive dental treatments. But you must work on your oral and facial hygiene, as well as on your attitude!

Here is the gallery of Marilyn Monroe’s smile:

Consenquences of tooth loss