When can someone smoke after tooth extraction?

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Following dental extraction, which includes the removal of wisdom teeth, a lot of people who are smokers may ask themselves when can they start smoking again.

After tooth extraction, a blood clot slowly forms in the hole left in the bone by the removed tooth. This blood cloth is the initial phase of the healing process. The blood cloth’s formation can be slowed down when a person smokes, either from the suction done during the smoking action, or from the chemical toxins that come from a cigarette. This can lead to complications such as a dry socket, which is a temporary and very painful condition that occurs when the blood cloth forms slowly.

It is therefore recommended to wait at least 48 to 72 hours before smoking after a dental extraction. Smoking is very bad for someone’s health and stopping completely is mostly recommended.


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      1. I heard putting a wet tea,bag over the socket while smoking will prevent dry socket. M on my way to my surgery now.. So I am wondering if this s true.

      2. Sorry I didn’t know how to make a new thread. 5 days ago I got all 13 of my top teeth pulled. I waited 4 days to smoke a cigarette, beside my stitches giving my sores on the inside of my cheeks the only pain I have is in the front, it feels like when you burn the roof of your mouth and your tounge runs over the area you get that stinging sensation. I hope it’s not a dry socket, I don’t go back for a check up until next week. I was wondering if it could just be sore still from the extractions?

          1. Thank you. In have another question. I do believe that the amoxicillin led to oral thrush, will this affect the healing process?

    1. Hey Dr Anto I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed on monday 10:40 am and it is now wednesday 4:30m pm would you think I would be safe to just have one cigarette?

  1. Bonjour Dr. Anto,

    Found this blog interesting up to a point. You have the patience of a saint! I found it looking for info on smoking and dry sockets as I am having a crowned tooth, #20, extracted next week. I found what I was looking for and then some. Not looking forward to any of it but after almost 3 months of dull and very annoying pain, I am slowly moving towards an implant. My question does not align with most of the comments here but I thought it might be a good place to ask what you think of dental tourism. In Washington state the cost of one implant is close to, if not over, $5,000. Researching prices and different countries I found that Mexico would be the better alternative for me cutting my cost, even with 2 trips, it would be half the cost of the U.S. price. Aside from the obvious concerns of doing something like this so far from home, what if any, has been your experience of maybe seeing patients who had work done elsewhere? I am sure dentists don’t like to clean up someone else’s mess but my regular dentist actually suggested Mexico when I almost fainted at the estimated cost. Merde’, there goes my annual summer vacation in France!

    I think what you are doing here is wonderful and not said enough. Dental work is scary and any words of advice you can share to ease ones mind, before or after a procedure, is welcomed I am sure.

    Merci beaucoup,


    1. Hello Sophia, thank you very much for your nice words, they are very encouraging! I am also sorry for answering you so late.

      As for work done in other countries, I have seen good work and bad work. But just like I have seen that in my own country (Canada). Myself I do sometimes suggest to patients to get dental work done in another country because of the costs. What I do advise strongly, is before you choose a dentist, to look for recommendations. I mean to talk to someone who has had dental work done years ago at a clinic you are interested in. That way you can be more at ease of having your implant done there.

      I hope that helps you and again, thank you Sophia!

  2. hi i was wondering if it is ok to smoke marijuana today is my fourth day after i got 1 wizdom teeth pulled out. and what about alcohol ive been craving a cup of whine ?

  3. Hello Dr.

    I got all four wisdom teeth taken out 8 days ago. I haven’t had a cigarette because of hearing horror stories. I have the granulated tissue forming, and other than soreness every once in a while I am fine. I was wondering if it is okay for me to smoke again (normal suction etc).

    Also, my friends are coming to visit this Saturday. It will then be 12 days since extraction, and I’m wondering if I will be able to drink and smoke as normal.

    Thank you.

  4. I got a tooth extracted two days ago. I’ve been smoking since i left the dentist office. For the first day and for the start of the next day i was biting down on gauze everytime i went to smoke. Last night i went out for new years and drank heavily. I chain smoked the whole night with no gauze to cover the extraction site. Today there is a white film around the blood clot and a hazey white film over the top of the blood clot. Everything i have read says that this is part of the healing process. But i’ve also read it could be an infection. I am taking amoxocillan antibiotics every 6 hours. Could this be an infection, or part of the healing process?

      1. Dr,

        I got a top molar extracted, I waited about 70/71 hours to smoke a cig. I was wondering if I am ok… There appears to be a scab still present as far as I can tell. Having company tonight and will probably have a couple beers and some smokes. Also, I have been using a piece of gauze when I smoke.

        1. There is no proof the gauze would work. But if you waited 70 hours, it is very good πŸ™‚
          About drinking beer, it depends if you are taking antibiotics or pain medication that might be contra-indicated with alcohol.

      2. Dr,
        I had an oral surgery today to get a plate and a screw removed. (the plate was there when I had gotten my underbite surgery 2 years ago). the swelling seems to have gotten down a good amount. I was wondering how long I would have to wait to be able to smoke.

        1. Hi Rebeca, I would recommend not to smoke for 3 days. But since you have not had a tooth extraction, it’s better to ask that question to the dentist or oral surgeon who did the procedure on you, just to make sure.

  5. I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed on October 31st , 2014 . It is now November 14th , 2014 . On the bottom left the gum where the tooth was turned into a hole is this normal ? And on the right side I have a white bump . Why do I have the bump and what do I need to do ?

    1. Hello Brittany,

      After you have tooth extraction, the total healing time is between 3 and 4 months. It is normal that the first few weeks you feel a hole in your gums where those teeth were. I recommend that you rinse with salt and water after each meal to make sure no food gets caught in the holes.

      About your white bump, if it is small and resorbing, I wouldn’t worry about it. Rinsing with water and salt helps. But if you feel that your white bump is growing, I recommend that you follow up with your dentist to make sure it is not an infection. Put in mind that infections happen very rarely 2 weeks after extraction.

      1. good evening Dr Youssef πŸ™‚
        i had my right upper and lower 2nd premolar pulled on Monday, 15/12, at 8p.m, and now is Wednesday 17/12, 5.33p.m. i still feel minor sore on the edges of my upper tooth hole where my tooth were pulled. is it okay for me to smoke now?
        thanks so much πŸ™‚

  6. hello dr i was wondering if i could get dry socket i went to my dentist to get my tooth removed the top of it came of but the bottom half stayed in my gum so i have to get it surgically removed my dentist gave me anti biotics and said i could get an infection but said nothing about dry socket also i have’nt had a cigarette for five days and was wondering when the risk would be non existent and would i have to put a gauze over the extraction site yours truly arron

          1. I notice many people saying they see the blood clot formed in the hole that is left behind; is this the actual clot your talking about that needs to be in place to prevent a dry socket or is it closer to the bone? I was out of surgery Thursday at 1:15 after removal of 2 upper molars and 1 bottom on each side but was told 48 hrs for straw use and smoking……AGREE or DISAGREE?? Thanks in advance!!

  7. Hello Dr. Youseff,
    Im 22 and got all four of my wisdom teeth removed on Friday morning. It is now monday night, and I haven’t had much pain since (just soreness.) Not realizing it, I got a drink from my school’s library that had a straw. I drank the whole twenty ounce drink before I thought about the straw. I also smoked soon after thinking if I was to get dry socket from the sucking motion it would have happened because of the straw. The left side of my jaw is now aching more than it has been (still not severe pain.) The pain/feeling I currently have is not what I imagine dry socket feeling like based on research. If I was to develop dry socket would it come immediately after the sucking motion or would there be a delay? Also when one develop’s dry socket does the pain get more severe as time goes or is it a constant pain? Thanks for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions. (Also I’m not showing any visible signs of dry socket and the surgeon’s instructions were no straws/smoking 24 hours after surgery.

    1. Hello Paymun

      Smoking and drinking through a straw does not automatically cause dry socket, it just increases the chances. And as you said, it doesn’t happen immediately, there’s a delay of hours or a day or two. If the pain that you are having right now doesn’t increase it means that you are not having dry socket, it is just normal post-extraction pain that can be easily controlled with pain killers. The pain from dry socket is usually very intense.

  8. Hi. I am not a smoker anymore but do use e-cigs. I had a lower premolar out 2 days ago and haven’t used my ecig since and nor will I until 72 hours have passed (which will be 11am tomorrow). I am a little confused though – I can’t see any hole where the tooth was! Just lots of swollen grey / white tissue. I have no idea if a blood clot has formed or not because I can’t see anything there. I have a history of dry socket and am doing everything to the letter to avoid getting it again.

    I am still confused though how I could smoke / use ecigs after 72 hours and yet the risk of dry socket is at it’s worst at that time!!! Why does dry socket not strike sooner? And how can leaving it 72 hours stop it happening if it doesn’t occur until after this point anyway?

    I hope that this makes sense! I have read your advice and paid attention to it and think you are marvellous to be answering queries like this.

    1. A premolar is a small tooth, and it leaves a very little hole behind.
      I understand you wondering of the time frame of when dry socket can occur, but the physiology of a tooth extraction healing works that way and the recommendations follow statistical data.

  9. Hello! I just read all of these comments and wish to God I would have read more about complications with wisdom tooth removal. I have dry socket, the hole is huge, and still painful. I am 10 days post extraction, all week I have had to see my dentist for packing the hole, this weekend I am doing it myself. I changed it today. I wanted to see how fast the pain came back by not having the packing in, within 5 minutes, the pain was right there again! I am a smoker, not a heavy one, but regardless, I am addicted! I did not smoke until the following day, and that is probably why I got dry socket. My sister also had hers removed, had dry socket, and is a non smoker. I am not convinced it was from smoking for me, I kept gauze in my mouth and barely used any forceful sucking on a cigarette..but who knows. All I know is that dry socket sucks bad and I have had 4 kids, and seriously, I tolerated that pain a hec of a lot better than this. 😦

    1. I am very sorry you are going through this pain, and I assure you it will go away soon in a few days. I also thank you for sharing your experience to warn others.

      Dry socket can happen after an extraction to people who don’t smoke. There are multiple causes, smoking is one of them. Therefore by not smoking, the chances of having dry socket is reduced, but can still happen unfortunately.

      1. Dr Youssef,

        24 hours ago I had a bone graft done with sutures when I had my two bottom molars pulled in preparation for an implant.

        Can I have a cigar? Or am I still at risk for dry socket?

        Best regards,

  10. Hey, I got my two bottom and upper wisdom teeth removed on Thursday at around 9:30 a.m. It is now 5:00 p.m. the following Monday and I was wondering if it is safe for me to smoke now? I have been using the syringe, gargling with salt water regularly and using special anti-microbial wash on my toothbrush. I am very worried about getting a dry socket as I hear it is extremely painful.

      1. Sorry I didn’t know how to start a new topic. But.. I had an extraction yesterday it’s been about 20 hours. My dentist told me 24 hours before I could smoke or use a straw. And 2-3 other people told me the same thing in the office. So why is everyone saying 48 to 72? If they tell me 24 and I smoke.. and get dry socket.. that’s on them, right? I don’t have insurance to go back and pay if I get dry socket for them to take care of it.. I had to shell out $250 just for a simple extraction. So I’m finding this.. ’72’ hour thing a bit.. weird.. are you saying 72.. just to be on the mega safe, 100% side? If there’s like a 1% chance I’m gonna get dry socket after getting 1 tooth removed, and not smoking for 24 hours.. thats fine by me. Also.. is there any way to tell if its clotted well enough for you to smoke? That’s the answer I guess I was looking for. How do you tell when the clot can’t be ruptured?

        1. Dan I understand your concern about getting dry socket and about you having to pay extra fees if you go back to your dentist.

          There are different studies made on smoking and dry socket. Some recommend not to smoke for 24 hours, others for up to 2 weeks! If we look at all the studies, 72 hours (3 days) is a median.

          About extra fees with dry socket if you see your dentist: myself I’m a dentist, and if someone gets dry socket and visits me only once, I don’t charge for it. We usually disinfect the extraction area and put a medication to make it better after a few days. But different dentists have different policies, and it also depends of which country you live in. Therefore I am not sure how your dentist works.

          But all that said, I hope you won’t get dry socket. And if you can not smoke for 2 more days, that would be fantastic!

  11. Hi I had the farthest back three teeth on the right pulled out on Wednesday got out of surgery at 415pm and its 730pm friday im really wanting cigarette my doctor said to wait 48 hours well its been 48hrs and im wantin to know if it is ok since I had three teeth pulled out at once. There is stitches in part of it. If you could get back it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Blake, it is true that some dentists say 48 hours. Some others say a week! 72 hours (3 days) is usually safe to smoke after extraction whether they are front teeth or back teeth. You are almost there!

        1. Dry socket has mainly very intense pain that lasts a few days. You can also have difficulty of opening your mouth and also a bad smell in your mouth. It usually starts between 3 and 5 days after tooth extraction.

      1. I am curios why one can smoke 72 hours after a tooth extraction, but dry socket can happen up to the 5th day after extraction, can you please explain this to me?
        Thank You πŸ™‚

        1. Hello Elaine,

          Unfortunately I can’t explain it precisely. The amount of the time given follows mostly studies based on statistics. Maybe an oral surgeon might know better than me on this subject and can answer your question better.

          What I can say is that dry socket is a slow process that might occur following tooth extraction, and the behaviour right after surgery can affect it even if slower.

          If you want, just to make sure, you can not smoke for longer than 3 days just to make sure.

          1. Hello Dr Anto,
            I had my #15 tooth extracted on August 18th at 11am, I noticed that evening the white granulation started to fill the extraction site, which I have heard is part of the normal healing process, this morning ( 5 days after) the white granulation is completely gone, is this also part of the healing process? Should the white stuff still be there? It looks to be a pretty deep hole… Yikes, the feeling of panic and looming dry socket is quite terrifying, any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I thank you for your time.

          2. Hello Elaine,
            First, it’s a pleasure to be able to help and give my advice and share my thoughts πŸ™‚
            The way you are describing the healing of your extracted tooth sounds normal. The hole you are feeling should be there for weeks. Food might even accumulate in it when you eat. That is why you are recommended to rinse with salted water after meals.
            It’s been five days since your tooth extraction. If you are worried about dry socket, I think the risks now are very low. Do you have a follow up appointment with your dentist?

    2. i got dry socket by smoking i would honestly wait til the extraction is almost heeled weight 1 wk to really be on the safe side i have to do it for another wk because i didnt wait because in the past i have smoked afterwards so i never thought anything of it. i dont want you to go through the pain i am going through now as i am typing this to you. hold in there and all will be good in due time and when it is smoke a cigarette or a few just to catch up but just be careful nonetheless cause it really suck to have dry socket and you have to go back in to the dentist to continually be seen to see if the extraction site is healing properly. just wait at least 1 more wk to be on the safe side.

  12. Hello Doctor, I had a wisdom tooth pulled about 52 hours ago. It was not a surgery it was a simple extracted of a top molar that my dentist did. It wasn’t impacted or anything I assume. It was pretty easy. I have been gargling with warm salt water and what not. Do you think it is safe to smoke tonight if I suck in lightly and maybe fold up a paper towel, moisten it, and bite down on it while I smoke? Thank you for reading this, if you do!

  13. hi Doctor,
    hope all is well i know this might be old but i got my 4 wisdom teeth extracted (they did NOT put me under and i do NOT have stitches) on Saturday around 1pm , it is now Tuesday 9:25 pm would you say it’s ok for me to smoke now? or should i wait ?

      1. thank u so much for your response! you are very kind and generous to do this have a great day . I feel at ease now =)

  14. Good Evening, I was just wondering I know you have posted that 3 days is a good enough wait to smoke again but does that include if you have sutures in your mouth? I was given sutures so that the open area can clot better and was wondering if that makes a difference on smoking? Thanks

  15. hi I had a lower wisdom tooth and lower molar removed Monday AM and it is now Thursday PM…. Is it safe to smoke without getting dry socket and when is the risk of dry socket gone?

  16. On tuesday at 2:45pm, i had my botton premolar removed its now thursday 5:55pm, ive smoked since yesterday with glauze over the extraction, and ive been doin the warm water and salt trick.. will i be ok and not get dry socket? I was scared i had dry socket so i went tothe dentist today he said the clot looked good, but i have an ulcer where.tooth was removed, he gave me lidocaine for the ulcers… my fear is dry socket.. HELP

    1. Heather, smoking after tooth extraction won’t directly lead you to dry socket, it will increase the risks. I think after 2 days you will be fine, especially if your dentist saw you and said all was ok.

  17. Hi doctor. I had a wisdom tooth extraction on 8/24/13 and today is 9/8/13 and yet I still have a hole in my mouth . I got my left side wisdom tooth pulled. Is this normal for the closing of the gums to take this long? I am not experiencing pain but there is visibly a hole still in my mouth. Should I be concerned or is it normal? And is safe to smoke with this condition ? And I also rinse my mouth about 4 times a day with salt water and with a syringe at night.

    1. Hi Jon,

      The whole healing time after tooth extraction is 3-4 months, so after one month you might still feel a hole in your mouth. And you are advised not to smoke only for 3-7 days. Therefore after one month is is ok.

  18. Hello Dr.!

    I had my #2 pulled today and was given the usual instructions (no smoking, sucking, spitting, etc for 48 hrs and no rinsing for 24, after use warm salted water). How soon until I can use Listerine? My mouth just doesn’t feel clean without it.

    Also, when can I start drinking hot beverages again? A nice, hot cup of chamomile tea with clove oil is calling my name. Nothing better for the pain in my opinion.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions. Such kindness is rare these days and when one encounters it, it is appreciated all the more!

  19. Wow this page is amazing. I have a few questions. I got my top, back molar tooth pulled (the tooth right before my last one) last Friday morning. I’ve been EXTRA careful with my whole lifestyle, even the way I swallow my spit lol.I still see SOME blood which I guess is the clot. I was wondering when is gonna be a good time for me to smoke again and drink and be able to eat like I have normally been doing before all this. Ive been feeling weak because I don’t really know what to eat that won’t dislodge the clot. Lol i ve been parniod about it and every little pain I feel I like something wrong lol. Am I safe Now. I was planning on waiting till next wed to start back with my normal eating and living

    1. We are Saturday, and if you are referring to Friday (yesterday) that you had your tooth extraction done, then you are recommended to wait 2 more days before smoking. Also during those 2 days if you can avoid using a straw when you drink.

  20. Hi doctor,

    Just wanna know, can a normal person’s lower jaw accommodate 2 wisdom tooth if they are growing out straight correctly?

    It hurts like crazy now, as the teething process had just begun, any remedies?


    1. Yes some people have room enough on their jaws for wisdom teeth to come out. But only your dentist can analyze and answer if you have enough room. About the teething process I suggest your rinse with salted water and take Advil if needed. If the pain doesn’t go away call your dentist.

  21. I an abcess on my jaw that’s about as big as it is. I took antibiotics for 2.5 days and it shrunk to the size of half my jaw, so the dentist decided that it could easily be removed. Then he forgot the appointment and wasn’t in his office. I called and he said we should reschedule for this afternoon. I went to a different dentist who thought I should wait but I insisted. It *hurt* and it still does. He didn’t give me any directions. As soon as I came home, I had a cigarette. And I really need another one. I also need to drink coffee which can only be drank with a straw. I think that I’m going to cry…

      1. Hi, thanks for your reply. I managed to do without a cigarette. Turns out, the dentist was a pretty much a butcher. I’m someone who’s needed 2 injections for a filling. I don’t do well with anesthesia. I told him that and yet he performed a surgical extraction on an infected site with only two injections. He cut the gum, cut the tooth into pieces and he says he drilled into the bone, too. He didn’t even prescribe any painkillers afterwards. That’s why it hurt so much. All in all, it was an awful experience.

  22. Hi doctor i had two of my wisdom teeth pulled out i have not used a single pain killer because there is no pain what so ever and its been 72 hours do you think i would be ok to have a cigarette.

  23. Hey doc. My name is Kemuel Austin I had my tooth pulled on July 22 and I am concern and wanted to know how long do I really have to wait to start back smoking. I am so paranoid about all the saying about how you can get a dry socket and I just wanted to know how long should I wait to start back smoking to avoid dry socket. In addition the bleeding has Lessing up and wanted to know how long should I wait to go without gauzes in my at all because it is getting irritating and ready for it to be out and go back to my normal life. Am really stress out about this doc and really need your help and advice. Thanks and have a bless day.

      1. I’ll give one big ditto to that! This forum helped me immensely after I had 32 teeth extracted. In the end, I ended up not smoking for 2 weeks with the help of “the patch.” For a 27 year old who smokes a pack+ per day, this was not easy – but reading this, having my questions answered and knowing I wasn’t alone was incredibly helpful during a rough time. Thanks doc! And thanks to the other posters!

  24. Hello Dr. Youssef – I had oral surgery – excision of benign mass in left buccal area (caused by ruptured salivary gland and accumulation of fluid) – 4 days ago. The surgeon placed dissolving sutures and prescribed penicillin vk 500mg QID x3d & Peridex swish&spit BID. I know smoking cigarettes is never recommended, but I wonder if you have any feedback regarding any efficacy placing a Peridex-soaked gauze pad over the sutures while smoking and then removing it when finished with the cigarette? Also do you have any knowledge regarding the use of an electronic toothbrush after such a procedure? I am just concerned that the high-frequency oscillations might disturb the tissue regeneration process and/or integrity of suture placement? Thanks!

    1. Dan, I think it’s better not to try that trick and try not to smoke. I don’t have any data on Peridex soaked gauze on surgical sites.
      Sorry for answering late, I was on my summer vacation πŸ™‚

  25. I had a top molar pulled due to an abscess. It has been a little over 96 hours since it was extracted, so I was wondering if it would be okay for me to go back to smoking as I normally would have done before it was pulled? Also, should i still worry about getting a dry socket? I am super paranoid that I will get one to the point that I am barely eating or anything. Another thing, it seems as though the clot is shrinking into my gum line .. Is that normal? There’s also a whitish, gray film over the extraction site .. Is that normal as well? Thank you so much.

  26. Hello. Im 18 and I had my wisdom tooth pulled out (#7 down one) I had cyst on it, thats why I had to pulled it out.

    Today is my 3rd day of not smoking. Can I safety start smoking again, without taking a risk of dry socket or anything bad that can happen to my wound? Thanks

    1. Your only 18, it’s not safe to smoke period, and it might be fun to buy your own smokes for a little while, but it becomes a burden, I have smoked longer than you have been alive, if you can stop for a couple days at 18 , you can stop period, your life will be better without them, I wish my parents weren’t so cool about me smoking. My dad’s had 3 heart attacks , I don’t know, if you don’t want to quit that’s your right, but mabe pray for me to quit , thanks.

  27. Hello Doctor,
    Yesterday morning (9am) I had my bottom right furthest tooth back (guessing my wisdom tooth) pulled. It was not easy. He had to break & crumble the visible tooth since it had previously cracked & then deal with fishing out the roots. After, my instructions were to not smoke for 2 days & to make milkshakes my best friend. Also change gauze every 30 minutes until the bleeding stopped. The nurse told me that I did not bleed a lot & it should be done quickly. But to be sure I did not smoke because when bleeding is very little like mine…also increases risk for dry socket. I have not smoked at all.
    However after this pull, I went to the mall with a friend. Figured I wouldn’t feel much pain til that evening since I was given long lasting numbing meds. Within a matter of 5 minutes I felt zero pain to unbearable crying pain! The dentist wrote a prescription for 2.5/500 Lortab. But it was not ready. I have had 10/500 Lortab for awhile due to another health issue. So I took one of those. Did not touch it. I also took a Valium to try and calm me down. I stopped and went through 2 milkshakes. Nothing.
    I don’t understand why I am in such terrible pain! Could this be dry socket? Have I done something wrong? The dentist acts like it’s normal & says I will have to push through. What do you think?

    1. Samantha, I think you are experiencing dry socket, sorry about that. The pain is intense and it takes a few days to go away. As you said, it is hardly controlled with pain medication.
      What you can do is contact your dentist and he or she can put a medication directly in the extraction site. It will not remove the pain completely but it will help a bit.

      1. Dr Anto, I know I am replying to an old post, but I want to say — i had dry socket and it was excruciating and I found a solution to take away the pain until i could get into my dentist was a few drops of olive oil on a gauze strip and then 1 drop or 2 of clove oil on that. Then place it over the extraction site and basically leave it there. Allow it to mix with saliva and seal around the wound so that no air can get in. … when i finally got into my dentist, he opened the stitches and cleaned the area and scraped the bone and caused it to bleed again. This is important for the blood platelets to help heal the bone. …(as opposed to the pellets i hear that some dentists use) .. anyway, i just wanted to share this technique because i don’t think i could have survived the pain without out it!

        1. Thank you for sharing your trick Andrea. Did you tell your dentist about the mix you put on your extraction area to relief the pain? I think it’s the clove oil that did the trick.

  28. Hello Doc. My name is Tiffany and Feb 6th I had 7 teeth extracted. 4 wisdom and 3 broken root canals that were never finished. Basically, on left side I had 3 taken out on top and right side had 2 leaving the others for the bottom. Thankfully, no one can tell! My question is are my chances much greater for dry socket considering the amount I had removed? I am a smoker but have not smoked not once since my surgery. I do not take pain killers and have been using low dose Tramadol with Tylenol when needed. I was planning to take one puff tm being it was the 3rd day. I am barely a smoker to begin with. Yes, I know I should just quit! Also, if all the teeth removed were infected does that help remove the bad taste I had in my mouth before extraction. And will it finally combat the bad breath?

    1. Tiffany, yes if there were more teeth to be extracted, the risk of dry socket is higher.

      If the teeth your had extracted had gum disease and/or cavities, then their removal might help reduce your bad breath. This considering that everything else in your mouth is ok.

      Sorry for the late answer, I was away.

  29. Hey Doctor,
    So I had two teeth extracted on the right side today, when should I start doing salt water rinses to avoid any infection? The doctor has me on antibiotics and such and i smoked but think im gonna hold off, how long should I wait to start up again?

  30. I just got one of my Upper molars removed, The dentist said there was a small hole connected to my sinuses, I have a birthday party to go to in a few days, and people in there tend to smoke i was wondering if i should go or not? They smoke on tthe hookah, i dont know exactly what they are smoking but i dont know if i should just stick this one out by staying home.

  31. Good day Sir,
    I had 11 teeth extracted 4 days ago, almost to the minute. Obv, I’m very scared of pain. I am a smoker. I have not had a smoke since an hour before I sat in the chair. I have been dreaming of cigarettes and have had one, unlit, for the last hour. The dry socket pain sounds very bad, and is the only reason this things is not lit. I have read your page here and if I had one or two teeth extracted, I would not be writing you. Is the 3 day wait for a smoke the same for 11 teeth extracted as it seems to be for one or two? With lighter in hand, I wait for a reply.
    I’m grateful for your time and your help,
    Almost toothless in Los Angeles

  32. It’s been a little over four days since I got my wisdom teeth out. I didn’t smoke for the at least the first 48 hours and only smoked a couple cigs with wet gauze in my mouth after for that day and have been smoking pretty much like that since . It been four days now and I’ve already had four cigs today so far . Is it okay to go back to my normal smoking regime by now? Or should I still be cautious and use gauze . I need advice asap !

  33. Hey Doc
    Thanks For All The Good Advice You Have Been Giving To Everyone On Here
    I Was Just Wanting To Know If Someone Get Dry Socket How Is It Treated And How Long Does It Take To Heal From it ? And Is Their Any Thing a person Can Do At Home To Relive The Pain From Dry Socket ? I Had My Tooth Pulled On Friday 1/25/13 At 12pm And I Am Past The Official 72 hr mark But Am Still Kind Of Leary Of Smoking Right Now But Don’t wont To Wait Another Day lol You Think I Am In The Safe Zone ?
    I Have Very Mild Pain mostly my jaw and cheek And Am Still noticing A lil blood Thru Out The Day When I Rinse My Mouth Out ! Also When can i start to drink out of a straw and have sodas again !!

    Thanks For The Help Doc !!

  34. First of all, thank you for being so patient and kind. I had to laugh at the number of ways we smokers pretty much have asked the same question hoping that if we find the perfect way of phrasing the question, that your answer will change. That you will say, “Oh, in that case, you can smoke as soon as you get up out of the Dr’s chair”. I waited 3 days and I’ve smoked a total of 2 cigs today, so far. Wish i could have been strong enough to quit. Though, I am totally surprised that i made it through the 3 days. I’m a little proud of myself. What i would like to know is, if I read one of your responses correctly, the blood clot isn’t necessary a red blood looking thing. That, it could look white? Also, when can i really chow down on a good meal and drink soda without doing a salt water rinse? Honestly, I have only done a salt water rinse may be 2 times, once the next morning and may be one other time.

    1. Roni, the intro to your question made me laugh because you are very right πŸ™‚

      About the blood clot it can be coloured and look greyish, not red.

      As of the good meal and soda, as soon as you feel comfortable that you can.

      Sorry for the late answer, I was away.

  35. hey doc,
    i had my four wisdom teeth removed on monday the 21st at about 10:30am. its now thursday, the 24th at about 1pm. i am a smoker, of legal age, and i am going f-ing nuts. ive tried to smoke a cigarette with gauze, but it just doesnt do it for me. how soon can i smoke a cigarette without gauze or anything in my mouth? also, i go back work saturday, the 26th, should i be fully recovered by then?

  36. Hello!
    I haven’t gotten my tooth extracted yet. My wisdom teeth came in 2 years ago with no issues, and is now coming back with a vengeance! I have an infection and was prescribed ibuprofen and keflex to clear it up before extraction. The doctor didn’t mention anything about smoking, eating or drinking. What guidelines apply to me? Since I’m sure I can’t get this “dry socket” yet, can my infection be made worse by smoking?

    1. Hi Danielle. So no smoking for 3 days. And during that same period you are recommended to eat soft foods that are not too warm nor too cold. And please don’t use a straw when you drink.

  37. I just had a tooth extracted with a bone graft yesterday morning. Just curious if a dry socket is still possible since the grafting material is in place? Thus far, I’m doing good without a cigarette and I’m going to try to keep it going.

    1. Dan, when you get a bone graft, you even have to wait longer before smoking. And this is not just to reduce the risk of a dry socket, but also to make sure the bone graft is not rejected. I would recommend to wait 2 weeks before smoking, or maybe discuss it with your dentist.

  38. Hi doc today is tuesday and i all four wisdom teeth cut out… I plan on smoking a cigarette 2mro (6th day since surgery) i have not had one since then and have kept up on my antibiotics and regular cleansing and rinsing at least 3x a day.. Would i be ok to smoke a cigarette w/o worrying about a dry socket or what do you prefer??

  39. I got my lower right wisdom tooth extracted 7 hours ago. Numbness gone, No oral pain. It was already grown up and there was no cutting involved just a straight pull. They told me I cannot smoke I understand that but can I drink? If so what can I drink? Is it a myth that you can get a yeast infection in your mouth by drinking beer? Also on prescription medication. (they didn’t prescribe me with anything) I could see if it might be a problem if I was still bleeding because of alcohol thinning the blood but I haven’t bled in several hours. Reply please!

  40. Hello. I had my all my 3rd molars removed and got dry socket in the two bottom extraction sites, but have had dressings done 4 times. My oral surgeon told me I HAVE to quit smoking but he’s given me only 3 days til I have to quit and with school and other things going on I really don’t think I can make it for a month without smoking, which is what he told me. I wanted your opinion on the time frame I should be quitting for. Or if I can put cotton over the extraction sites while I smoke?

  41. So its been a week and a few days now and im still concerned that when i smoke i can still develop a dry socket i usually stuff my four wholes from my wisdom teeth surgery and cover them with cotton balls and let loose. I waited over 72 hours to anhilate my first cig and crom them on its been 3-4 a day at most. Immidiately after smoking i wash my mouth out would u say its safe to say j will not develop a dry socket oh and i must add i am in little to no pain.

      1. I just had my back bottom molar pulled a little over 48 hours ago, Ive been taken my antibiotics, and ibuprofen. It doesn’t hurt at all, and looks good like its already starting to scab over a little bit. i was wondering when it would be safe to use smokeless tobacco, of course i would put it on the opposite side of the mouth and wouldn’t spit hardly at all, but i just have the need for it,lol. please help.

      2. Hi doctor

        I had my upper back tooth removed on Monday at 1.30. A blood clot formed within an hour. Iv been too afraid to eat incase it came out. Was in pain all day yesterday and so went back to the dentist today as i was afraid I had dry socket( even though the clot was still present) He said it looked ok, he removed the clot and filled with clove dressing to aid healing…
        Is it ok that he removed the clot on 3rd day as everything I have read says you must try not to dislodge it??
        Also now I’m afraid to eat incase the dressing comes out… When will it be ok to resume my normal routine?

        I don’t smoke but I always use a straw to drink- when can I use one again?

        Thanks nicola

      3. a dr. i just got a tooth pulled in the top left all the way in the back. the last one. but you think i can smoke lightly and like not even a half of a cig without getting a dry socket?

  42. hello sir, I’ve just got my upper left molar extracted and I smoke pot regularly but I don’t smoke cigarettes, when would it be safe for me to start smoking again? I only smoke one joint/spliff/doob a day and generally at night after work…..how many days should I wait until I smoke again? thank you so much, eagerly awaiting your response.

      1. question about illegal substances.. if they are legal where i am but not many other places am i allowed to ask about them? there is no prohibition where i live anymore, but it is hard to find professionals with real knowledge on the subject.

  43. Hi Doctor,

    I had the bottom right tooth next to the k9 tooth extracted and a bone graft was performed. 5 days later, although I did not use the flipper alot, each time I used it for few hours and remove it, I feel a very bad taste in my mouth and a very bad smell as well, in addition that it seems that the white visible material sinks. I was wondering what is causing the smell? and is the sinking white material assuming it is the bone graft ! normal

    Also I see the black wire used for stitches getting loose, is this normal?

    Thank you

  44. Hey Doc, I just had my #9 front tooth pulled today, about 6 hours ago. My dentist didn’t give me any instruction on not smoking and I did just smoke a ciggarette, realizing halfway through it was probably a very dumb idea. So I came on here to research it and it looks like I made a mistake in smoking. It was a crowned tooth and the crown had fallen off in less than a month so I decided to go to a Oral Surgeon and get an implant. All that was left of the tooth was a little stub at the time he pulled it. Am I in severe danger of getting a dry socket? How would I know if one was starting to form? Its been 30 minutes since I smoked and I feel no pain or discomfort at all but I am on oxycodone. Should I be worried? Thank you for the time you put into this, I am very greatful for any help.

    1. Tommy, dry socket tends to occur more often after the extraction of bottom teeth to the back. Also smoking increases the risk of dry socket, it doesn’t automatically lead to it. I wouldn’t worry too much, but I recommend not to smoke.

  45. Hey Doctor,
    I had my back molar (top) removed 25 hours ago. I just did my first rinse with warm salt water, stuck to soft room temp mush foods, no straws soda or spitting. But I don’t do painkillers. So I have had a mild discomfort since yesterday, and since I woke up today it is sore when I open my mouth ( I assume because the site is basically right up against my cheek and rubs. But now I’m concerned about dry socket, after reading that is a symptom. Opening only hurts in the site side, and it hasn’t gotten any worse. The tooth was large and the roots went deep. I can feel pain all the way to my cheek bone, but not unbearable. Do you think it’s the start of dry socket?

    Thanks in advance!!

  46. Hello dr. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday morning around 10 and have been experiencing very little pain but unfortunately I caved and smoked half of a cigarette with gauze covering the extracted areas and rinsed afterwards. How can I tell if I will develop dry sockets? After reading some different websites I am freaking out. Also, how long does it take for dry sockets to form? Thanks!

    1. Justus, dry socket usually develops 3 to 5 days after the extraction. You would feel intense pain, bad smell and taste in your mouth, and difficulty of opening wide. It doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.

  47. Hello!!! I just had my 4 wisdom teeth removed on Friday. It is now Tuesday and half of my bottom lip and chin are completely numb, Help me!!! I am going insane. Will this last forever?! Also, on my bottom right side, looks like I have a canker sore inside my mouth. Is that possible?

    1. Megan, you are having paresthesia, which means that your numbness could last for weeks or months. In 99 % of cases of paresthesia the feeling comes back. I suggest you consult your dentist and tell him or her about it.
      About the canker sore, it can happen yes.

  48. Hi Doc, awesome job you are doing here. i just had a quick question if you dont mind. i just had #15 and # 18 removed. they were in bad shape and the dentist had to take them out in pieces. now it has been 4 hours since the procedure was completed and i am noticing that when i swallow i can feel pressure on the sockets where my teeth were. is this normal? it has me a bit worried.
    Also, i do not drink very often but how long would it be best to wait after finishing the antibiotics before having a drink again?
    Lastly, how hot is to hot with drinks? like most people i enjoy my coffee first thing in the morning. cold coffee i consider rather terrible so just wondering how far i can compromise on it before i risk regretting it.

    Thanks Doc, i really appreciate it. It is good to see someone out there thinking of all the people out here that some times just need someone that is willing to answer a question or listen to a problem. i truly appreciate it

    1. Will, the pressure you feel when you swallow is normal, it will go away in a few days.
      For drinking alcohol, just like you said it, it is best to wait until you finish you prescribed medication.
      For drinking warm coffee, I would suggest to have it warm, not hot. πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much Will for your encouraging words. πŸ™‚

      1. i just got my tooth pulled out yesterday on sunday on the top left of my mouth.. how long should i wait to smoke a cig..? please help i really need to know.

  49. Hey! Brilliant blog. Has really calmed me down after my op. Just wondering, It’s been… 4 days since i had a molar pulled out. I know it’s not the greatest thing to do but what would you recommend would be a good cover to place over the hole whilst i smoke? my dentist didn’t give me any gauze. I tried to bite down on tp but it cause me discomfort. Any suggestions? ty. πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks! Gave it a try, wasn’t too bad. But just watched a video of a guy getting his dry socket treated and he looked like he was in agony! Think i’m just gonna put off smoking for as long as possible! Haha!

  50. It has been four days since I had my tooth extracted and my blood clot fell out i have no pain other than my cjeek is sore from a sore on it should I go back to the dentist or is it normal to loose the blood clot

      1. Really? Plaque? I had my wisdom tooth removed recently (it was broken and then broke the top wisdom tooth as well), and since then I noticed a bit of white build up. At first I thought it was the medication the doctor stuck in the empty socket to get the bleeding to stop, but it was kind of mushy and gross, and I thought it might have been plaque or something to that effect. My husband also had to get a tooth out and is now getting a bit of the white stuff forming around his tooth he got removed so now I think I might have messed my chances for letting it heal faster. It’s been 4 days now and the area is feels bruised and throbbing a bit. Is this normal. Same thing is happening to my husband but he had to get a canine removed.

  51. Dr. Youssef,
    I had #4 surgically extracted on Tuesday morning with sutures afterwards. My dentist told me that it was his recommendation not to smoke for 48-72 hours, but if I absolutely had to, not to do it for the rest of that day, so I didn’t. I started smoking again the next day, although not even 1/4 of the frequency as before. My question is this, is it normal for the injection sights on the roof of my mouth and the outer part of my gums towards the cheek to have a burning sensation or is this due to the smoking? Could this burning/itching be from the stitches? I have had extractions before and went right back to smoking with no problems, but I’ve never had stitches before so I am super cautious this time. It’s been over 72 hours now and I brush my teeth and rinse with salt water every time I eat, drink, or smoke (which is about a half a cigarrette every 4 or 5 hours). I drink one cup of coffee in the mornings, not hot of course, and the rest of the day only water. The socket doesn’t hurt at all, just the burning/itching on the gums around the injection sites. I had 3 injections on the inside and 2 on the outside. Also, the day before the extractions I had an X-Ray done and he found it was infected. I started on 300mg of Clindomycin every 6 hours that day and had the extraction the next morning. The socket is also turning greyish white, which I have seen with previous extraction sites, but the burning is new. I go back this coming Tuesday to have the stitches removed but I’m hoping this feeling will subside by then. Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated πŸ™‚

    1. Jessica, the burning feeling you have is probably from the stitches. Smoking does not automatically lead to dry socket, but it raises the chances, so if you smoke you are taking a risk.
      Until you get your stitches off, I recommend you rinse with salted water to make sure they do not contain plaque and cause gingivitis. Actually rinsing with salted water is also good for your healing gums around your socket. You are however advised to start 24 hours after surgery.
      Please put in mind that rinsing with salted water will not reduce the risks of dry socket if you choose to smoke.

  52. I have just gotten a tooth pulled tuesday, And i was wondering is okay to start smoking again, the doctor told me a week but that is such a long time and alot of websites i come across say about 3 days. Also, how do i know a blood clot formed? Im terrified that my blood clot didnt form, and im going to get dry socket.

  53. I got my tooth out today and i have had a smoke ???
    i didn get told about any of that not to smoke after my dentist didnt tell me anything about it

  54. Hello doctor, i have done my surgery on Thursday November 8 now it is Saturday night the 10th. I had two top teeth out and the bottom wisdom teeth as well. They had to remove i believe a little bone and gum. I was just wondering when it would be a safe time to smoke. Thank you.

      1. Hey Dr.Youssef! My name is Julio and i just want to thank you for taking time to answer every patients question. It feels so good to see someone that cares about us. I had my 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled October 18th. I am going on 4 weeks now. It seems like they are healing perfectly expected for one of em.I still see a hole and I have a lil bit of swelling on the inside of my gums.I am not sure if its infected or what. But I was wondering if is it still okay to smoke? Not a cigarette but a blunt full of marijuana? I know this is bad but I am being truthful as possible and I dont like to smoke nicotine or any type of tobacco. Again thank you for taking the time to read this and EVERYTHING! GO DOC!

  55. I had my tooth extracted yesterday at 4pm it’s now the next day at 9:15. I’m still in a bit if pain and my mouth is still swollen how do I get the swelling down and stop this pain? Also would like to know if I’m able to smoke yet

  56. Hello Doctor, I had two lower extractions at 2 PM Thursday. I know that 72 hours is the recommended waiting period before continuing tobacco use. Here’s my question. My dentist said to me that I’d have to wait a few days before I could smoke again, but when I called the office today and asked if I could use an e-cig (vapor cigarette), the receptionist said they usually advise no inhaling for 7 – 10 days. I want to give up smoking. I am just a little confused now. Would I be ok with trying the e-cig after 72 hour elapses? Thanks in advance.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Some e-cigs have nicotine while others don’t. It’s now 76 hours after extractions and I smoked a real cigarette for the first time since. Other than my own paranoia I feel fine. Another question related to my first would be is it normal for the gums to sting a bit after that/some jaw tightness?

        1. Doctor,

          For your own knowledge, the above poster is correct. Some e-cigs contain nicotine while others do not; however, most e-cigs do contain nicotine. Also, there is no water vapor involved. That’s a misunderstanding on your part. The “smoke” is actually vaporized vegetable glycerin or vaporized polyethylene glycol (depending on the brand), not water.

  57. First off, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read and reply to every comment posted. It’s hard to get many dentists to sit and answer all of the questions, let alone someone doing it out of the kindness of their heart (and free!).

    Secondly, I have read most of the posts and I hate to be redundant, but I had my upper left wisdom tooth pulled (only took about 30 sec) last Friday, today is Thursday. My dentist is a family friend, and as I truly value his opinion, it makes me nervous as he told me I was able to smoke within two hours of that. Is this possibly due to the fact that this was non-surgical and quick?

    I have always been paranoid about teeth and am deathly terrified of the dreaded “dry socket”. To me, no nicotine withdrawal is worth the horror stories of pain!

    Also, I know that hot liquids can lead to the loss of the blood clot-how soon can you begin drinking coffee? No cigarettes OR coffee, I think was more brutal than the recovery itself.

    And lastly, how long do I need to worry about the blood clot? I’ve heard that it will reabsorb into your body, but I haven’t heard of how long this takes. I am almost certain I am out of the danger of dry socket-but nerves can do crazy things to ones mind.

    I sincerely appreciate you and wish you all the best!

    1. Jaymee, first, thank you for your kind words. It is a pleasure for me to help people.

      About the delay of not smoking after an extraction, I understand your dentist. When I graduated from dental school 13 years ago, we use to advise patients not to smoke only for four hours after an extraction. But dry sockets are occurring too much, and we notice that it happens more to people who smoke. More studies have set up the delay to 72 hours. I strongly suggest if you can hold out that long, it would be better. That being said, I have a lot of respect for your dentist and what he or she says.

      About the coffee, how about wait for it to become a little bit colder and then drink it?

      I am not a smoker, and I strongly advise all those who are close to me to stop smoking. But I like coffee πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you Dr!

        One more quick question–how long do I have to worry about the blood clot? I did hear that it will absorb back into the body at one point..How long does this take so I am “out of danger” or dry socket?

        Thank you again for all your time! Bless you!

        1. Jaymee, the total time it takes to heal is about 3 months. But you don’t have to worry about dry socket all that time. Usually dry socket occurs between the 3rd and 5th day after surgery. In some rare cases it can happen 7 to 14 days after.

  58. I had my lower left way back tooth removed on Friday at 1pm cst. Would I be ok to smoke tonight? I know dry sockets have a higher risk is lower teeth I just want to make sure

  59. Hi I’ve got my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday morning around 9 pm (10/16) and I smoke half a cigarette earlier but is it ok to smoke with out gauze it’s been over 80 hours my mouth is not bleeding I’m healing “fast” as my dentist says but I want to be safe then sorry you know what I mean? Is there anyway you could help me out

  60. dr, i had a molar and a wisdom tooth taken out tuesday at 2pm. it is now friday at 8 am. am i okay to smoke? and what about alcohol? my dentist didnt mention anything about not drinking. thank you for your time

  61. Fine way of explaining, and fastidious paragraph to take facts about my presentation subject, which i
    am going to convey in school.

  62. Hi Cyberanto,
    I would just like to say that i really appreciate your all your help. By reading all the posts that have been made, my questions have all been answered. I find it amazing how patient you are in taking time to answer everyone’s questions. Thank you so much.

  63. Hi Dr,

    I had my wisdom teeth extraction on Friday, 10/5. 2 left side molars, upper and lower were removed. I smoked half a cigg on Saturday, another half on Tuesday morning (96 hrs later) and another half Wednesday morning. When i smoked these three times, i purposely inserted gauzes inside my mouth trying to block the holes left by wisdom tooth. I am on antibiotics, and i have stopped pain killers.
    Can i smoke gently without worrying about these gauzes now?

    i see the clot on my left lower jaw, hoping its fine. When will these clots start disappearing? When do you think i can stop worrying about dry sockets or anything worse, like is there any indication?

    Thanks for all your help, looking forward to your reply!

  64. I got my two top wisdom teeth pulled on thursday at about 5p.m he told me to wait 3 WEEKS!!! Do I really need to wait that long?! Please help, i’m dying over here!!!!!!!

    1. Logan, your dentist is the best person who can give you advice because he or she knows well the state of your teeth/bone and of how complicated the surgery was. I would listen to your dentist’s recommendations.

      1. my dentist said 3 weeks, so why does it matter?, 3 weeks or 3 days, im dying here too i need one, bad i dont think i can wait 3 weeks, if it was 3 days i could cope but 3 weeks, why that instead of 3 days

  65. I had second molar 31 extracted on friday around 3 PM with just a local and it went well. I have had absolutely no pain at all since, and it was a much easier experience than when I had all four wisdom teeth removed many years ago. It has now been about 48 hours since, I really want to smoke and I’m going a little crazy. You suggest 72 hours so I will keep waiting, but can I use a nicotine patch to help with the cravings?

    Also, the aftercare instructions given had only 24-48 hours listed, and also said “No Rinsing”. Since it has been 48 hours should I begin rinsing with saltwater solution? Rinsing with saltwater solution is not mentioned anywhere on the aftercare sheet, and I cannot contact the dentist until tomorrow (closed on weekends). I really don’t want to develop dry socket, and everywhere I research on the internet says something about rinsing a number of times per day, but since my dentist did not mention it and the instructions do not recommend it, I’m worried. Thanks for any advice, I really appreciate what you are doing here!

    1. I still suggest to wait 72 hours before smoking to reduce any risk. Nicotine patches should help.
      And about rinsing with salted water, usually I recommend not to the first 24 hours and then to do so twice a day. It reduces risks of infection and also removes food debris that might be stuck. But please do so gently.

      And thank you for your encouraging feedback πŸ™‚

      1. doctor, i got my 3 wisdom teeth pulled on friday at 3 pm, its now monday at 2:13, the dentist sayed no straws, smoking or spitting for 4 days, is the 4 days to be safe or can i smoke after 72 hours? thank you very much

      2. hey doc. i had 3 teeth pulled on friday at 1pm, 1 being an impacted lower wisdom tooth and the other two being the molars in front of it closer to my bottom teeth making it 3 missing teeth. It is now monday at 7pm are my chances of getting dry socket still high or can i smoke now? thanks – james

      3. Hi after reading most of your recent responses I have to say that you are very kind and patient to everyone even though they are asking the same question over and over.
        You are a real blessing here
        Thank you

  66. Hi, I went to the dentist today because of tooth pain, fully expecting it to be my wisdom teeth. Instead, the dentist found two conical small extra teeth next to my regular molars, about a quarter of the size of a normal tooth, one of which was starting to decay (and causing the aches). Both of them were removed, and now I’m wondering how long I have to wait until I can smoke. I have no problem with not smoking for a few days, but I assume that since the wound is smaller (and thus heals faster) it won’t be as long as with a wisdom teeth. But I’m no expert, of course.

  67. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed Friday, it is not Monday. All of my wisdom teeth were impacted. My top wisdom teeth were really up high, and the dentist said that would take 40 minutes just to remove my top wisdom teeth. I have no pain in my gums but it hurts to open my mouth. It feels sore. And my right cheek is a lot more swollen than the left. My stitches fell out of my right side on the second day of recovering. Is that normal? And I am a smoker and it has been over 80 hours since the surgery, can I safely smoke now? What are my chances of getting dry socket? Thanks πŸ™‚

  68. Hello doc I’m 16 and had a rotten molar pulled today I realize that you said to wait 72 hours but can I smoke with gawse where the tooth was removed?

  69. i had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed on thursday of last week. it is now friday and the stitches have dissolved/fallen out and i have completed my antibiotics, is it okay for me to begin smoking again?

  70. Hi Doc! On monday i had #10 extracted and got a temporary bridge over it. I can see the healing process from the top of the bridge. Anyway its been 72 hours since my extraction but my doc said to wait 1 week no smoking or no alcohol. Its healing fine and I am in no pain ..actually i feel great. Can I smoke???

  71. Hi, I had the last step of my implant done, I just got the little screw put in and a couple stitches. How long should I wait before I can smoke? Thank you for you time!!

  72. Hey Dr. Youssef,

    I had my wisdom teeth removed Friday, September 21at 8A.M. and I just wanted to know if it should be ok for me to use smokeless tobacco (dipping tobacco) now. Also will it be harmful to drink alcohol one week following the procedure.

    Thank you for your time

    1. Daniel, I am not aware of how long you should wait for chewing tobacco after tooth extraction. I believe it is also 72 hours. What did you dentist say about it?

      For alcohol, it should be okay, unless you are taking antibiotics or pain medication that is contraindicated to mix with alcohol.

  73. Hi there I’m 17 and I just got my two bottom wisdom teeth out September 19th. I am a smoker and i haven’t had one since before i got them removed. They were impacted, I also haven’t used a straw. But I have an intense pain in the right side wisdom tooth. but it go’s away fast also its still bleeding when i wake up in the morning. I need a smoke so bad but im scared, Like its not so bad in the morning anymore. But yeah. Would it be okay for me too smoke now. Thanks so much

    1. Rachelle, it depends of what your dentist recommended because he or she knows of how difficult the surgery was. But I would consider that 72 hours have already passed by and usually it should be ok. But please contact your dentist first.

  74. Hello,
    I am going to have my molar next to the wisdom lower right pulled. As well as surgical removal of a root that was remained from an extraction i did years ago. My question are such can you smoke before the surgical procedure? My nest question is, The site where the root is there is not much space there. My smallest finger can not even fit in the space. Can this procedure still be done? Finally I am really scared of pain and dry sockets how can i prevent this and speed up my healing. Thank you in advance. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hello N,

      About smoking before surgery, I have never heard or read anything saying that it is bad. Just after surgery it is recommended to wait 72 hours.
      For the small space where your root is, I wouldn’t worry as dentists have ways to remove it. Don’t forget that most of your teeth are smaller than any of your fingers.
      To prevent dry socket, I recommend the following:

      • Rinse with salted water, but not the first 24 hours.
      • If there is blood in your mouth, try not to spit it out, but just let it flow out in the sink.
      • Do not drink through a straw for a few days.
      • And obviously, do not smoke for 72 hours.

      And by the way, thank you very much for your encouragement!

      1. My dentist told me to rinse after every meal, starting today! (I had the tooth out 4-5pm yesterday) :/ I’m worried now as I’ve been rinsing since . Dry Socket seems to be one of those things that nobody expects – having had it before, I’m happily avoiding smoking for at least 3 days than getting dry socket, but it just kinda annoys me how my dentist didn’t even put it on their aftercare sheet…

  75. I had a molar on my top left side pulled 3 days ago, it was pulled not cut out, how long should I wait before I use chewing tobacco, I am finding a lot of information on wisdom teeth but I was wondering if molars were any different?

  76. Hey doctor,
    I just had a premolar removed and a flipper put in. Is it ok to smoke with the flipper or should I just quite? If I have to wait two days to smoke I might as well stop all together.

  77. Hey Doc just reading the replies you have on here just thought i would say good job.
    i know this is one of the many questions, i had my lower left and upper right wisdom tooth taken out Sept 4 2012 by an oral surgeon. On a generic booklet they provided on the do’s and don’ts it said not to smoke for 4 weeks. can i smoke now?
    also my stitches are poking into my cheek can i just cut the top of it so that it is not bugging me? but on my lower jaw i notice that it looks like my gum is almost pulling away from my tooth is that normal?
    also is it ok to have a couple drinks?

    1. 4 weeks is the most cautious recommendation I have heard. Maybe your extraction was very complicated. If I calculate right, your extraction was done 10 days ago, and my opinion would be that it’s ok to smoke now. But if you can wait 4 weeks, why not.
      Have you had dental implants placed too or any other type of surgery at the same time?

      And by the way, thank you very much for your positive feedback πŸ™‚

  78. Hi Dr Youssef,

    I had my tooth extracted 36hrs ago and seems to be healing well, I have been rinsing with salt water every 4-5 hrs and taking ibuprofen, I haven’t smoked yet but would it be ok for me to have 1 and rinse straight after?
    Thanks for doing such a great job πŸ™‚

  79. Tuesday sept. 11 I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. All of the sites were sutured with dissolvable stitches, none have fallen out or dissolved yet. I had 4 cigarettes yesterday, 2 of which I packed with gauze for. A few hours after my last cigarette, I got this intense pain in my bottom right extraction site. Is it possible even with the stitches that I could have dislodged the blood clot and caused a dry socket?

  80. I just got my two bottom wisdom teeth pulled out today up 9/12. I haven’ t smoked yet nor do i want to but I want to know when I can resume without getting dry socket? Thank you

  81. I just had six teeth extracted. How long before I don’t have to have this damn gauze in my mouth? My whole jaw is sore and I feel the gauze isn’t helping as I have to put pressure on it to keep it in place.

  82. Hello doctor i just had my wisdom teeth removed on the 7th of September and i just recently smoked on the 9 round 4am because i just had to smoke one i only smoked half of it and i and super soaked cotton swabs in the to upper wisdom teeth they pulled out afterwards i rinse my mouth of with water and mouth wash my mouth fill fine and i haven’t taking the pain killers since 16 hours after the removal do you think I’m at risk of getting dry sockets?? my gums still look pretty pink and oh yea my name is Jaquan btw any advice would be awesome.

  83. Good afternoon Dr. Youssef.
    First of all, I think is awesome that you try to help people without any monetary gain, that speaks a lot about your integrity as a human been and about the oat you took.
    Now, I had my lower molar removed last Friday august 31st., I haven’t smoked until today, Friday September 7th., do you think I’m still at risk to get dry socket? I was told by my sister,who works at a dentist office in Mexico,to wait at least 1 week to be on the safe side,what is you opinion?
    The hole seem to be healing normally is pink in the middle and kind of dark pink on the sides,no pain,no bleeding,and after i smoked today i rinse gently with water,do you think I’m out of the woods about infection and dry socket?
    Thank you and keep up the great job!!!

    1. Edgar, I should thank you warmly for your kind words, they encourage me to pursue my dental blog and help other people πŸ™‚

      I think that after 7 days, your chances of getting dry socket are almost none, and I am comfortable in telling you that it is ok to smoke. Your sister gave you great advice! Rinsing with salted water can still help in the healing, as the whole healing process takes about 3 months.

      1. Thank you very much,I feel much better now,keep up the good work and if you ever think of doing your blog in spanish,count me in to help you to translate,just let me know. And thanks again.

  84. hello, my names josh, i had my tooth pulled today at 1030am since having it pulled (been 9 hours) ive smoke cigs and drank threw a straw (soda) and ate solid food (burgers) and im fine, just hope it dont put me in pain later, i didnt realize u werent suppose to do that stuff lol (smoke/eat/drink)

  85. Doctor? Hello,
    First and foremost i would like to thank you gor helping everyone im regards to our teeth. I had a tooth extracted Tuesday around noon; but my gum stopped bleeding after 2-3 hours. I too smoke at times cigars and am wondering when its safe for me to partake in smoking again? Also when is safe to eat as the normal solid food i eat? The dentist provided me with a paper but i assume everyones healing rate is different in regard to how the speed of recovery.

    1. Drew, I must thank you for your kind words and encouragement πŸ™‚
      For cigars, I recommend to also wait 72 hours before you smoke one. As for food, I recommend to eat soft meals, not too hot nor too cold for the first 24 hours, then start eating normal food as it can be comfortable for you. All depends of how complicated your extraction was too.

  86. I had a bottom lower left molar extracted yesterday. My dentist’s instructions were to wait until today before I could smoke again. (only a day) I have been reading your post and most of replies and most of the people have been told to wait longer than that. I don’t know what to do. (I don’t know if it makes any difference or not , but I noticed the dentist seemed really pleased that it was such a quick and easy extraction.) I know how many hours you recommend, but why would he only recommend a day? Would there be any dental physical reasoning medical behind that? Thank you for any advice you could give me . I appreciate it.

    1. Anne, dry socket is a complication that can occur after dental extraction, and one of the causes is smoking. Dry socket happens between 3 and 5 days after the extraction and that is one of the reasons we recommend to wait 3 days before smoking.

  87. Hello Doctor. I found this site really help full and firstly i want to congratulate you for actually helping people without any gain for yourself, that alone shows how professional u are.

    I had my top right wisdom tooth removed 4 days ago. i had that white film over it but its gone today that i have checked. i am also a smoker and even though i know that bad for my health i do not smoke alot. i havent smoked since my extraction that was 4 days ago. is it safe to smoke now? i really feel i want a smoke. Also is it ok that the white “film” has gone? Also yesterday i sneezed really hard (3rd day after extraction) and i had some blood in my spit afterwards just for a moment or two, is that ok? is that a probable Dry Socket cause?
    Thanks alot in advance.

    1. James, after four days it is safe to smoke, unless your dentist advised otherwise. Sneezing doesn’t help for dry socket, but I really don’t think one time causes a dry socket. It is normal to have a bit of blood in your mouth after three days.
      If you are really afraid of dry socket, the signs are intense pain and difficulty of opening the mouth. You haven’t described any of those therefore I think you are safe.

      One more thing James, I really thank you for your encouraging comment, it is very much appreciated πŸ™‚

      1. Hello anto youssef
        I don’t know if you can help me, but since having root canal done nearly 2 months ago I have had none stop problems due to a piece if bone being left in there, I however dont know if this can happen but I was in a lot of pain and was rushed to emergency dentist, however then was told I had an infection but is it rite that Wen you have a tooth out or a root canal are they ment to prescribe antibiotics just incase you get an Infection, if this is true then I’m afraid this is why I have been in so much pain and would just like to get advise

        1. Chloe, a tooth infection can cause lots of pain and you need to take antibiotics to reduce the infection before doing any treatment. Now if your tooth needs a root canal or an extraction, your dentist who took the x-ray can advise you on that better than me.
          If you are taking antibiotics the pain should be reduced in a few days.

      2. Thanks a lot for the information Dr. it was really reassuring. No i dont have intense pain only the normal post extraction discomfort so i guess i am safe. I really appreciate your response and interest. Keep up the great work, i really think what you are doing is great. πŸ™‚

  88. I went in for a root canal Friday morning, and during the root canal, most of the top part of the tooth broke off so I had to have it pulled at 8 am. It seems to be healing, there is a layer of white over the clot, is this normal? I am also wondering when can I start to eat regular food again? I also smoke marijuana for medical reasons, I am wondering when can I smoke again? It has been 52 hours so far. Thank you.

  89. so i had my #16 (upper left molar) pulled wednesday at 9 am. not a difficult procedure, everything went fine. i stopped bleeding by 2pm on wednesday. today is saturday at noon. its been roughly 75 hours since the tooth was pulled. you think im okay to smoke a cigarette by now?


  90. hello,
    i have had all four of my wisdom teeth removed monday the 27th around 2pm. a huge majority of the swelling is gone and very minimal pain as occured throughout the healing process. my doctor and other people have told me to wait 2 weeks til i should try and smoke out of fear of getting dry sockets. do you think ill be able to smoke soon than 2 weeks post op?

    1. Jroche, if your dentist recommended to wait two weeks, they I think you should follow that advice, because only your dentist knows the condition of your teeth when they were extracted.

  91. Hi Doc, i had my upper molar extracted and smoked about 3 hours after only 1 ciggarette, i smoked the next day and i have a foul taste in my mouth i i just discovered that there is a small puss pimple on the jaw where the tooth was, what can i do to heal it? should i rinse with salt water

  92. Hello Dr Youssef!
    My name is Jordan and I had four wisdom teeth extracted around 36 hours ago. I have had very little pain, so I have only taken one dose of over-the-counter pain medication (Ibuprofen) once since the surgery. There isn’t much blood in my saliva – I hardly see blood at all! I am wondering, because of the lack of pain and limited blood in my saliva – is my mouth healing quickly? And would smoking one cigarette before it has been 48 hours greatly affect my chances of developing dry socket?
    Thank you so much.
    Regards, Jordan

    1. Jordan, the less the surgery was complicated, the less there are risks of getting dry socket. But the risks are still there and I recommend not to smoke for 72 hours.

      By the way your politeness is refreshing! Thank you πŸ™‚


  93. hello doc..i had 4 teeth pulled out..one was an incersion on my upper jaw next to the nasal area and 2 were on the left molar region and one was the right molar..its been 24 hours since i smoked..when can i actually smoke i have 16 stitches in my mouth right now

      1. Is it ok for me to smoke 72 hours after top wisdom tooth extraction. The dentist took only 3 minutes to actually remove the tooth after numbing and it was Thursday at 12:30 pm. Can I smoke today?

  94. Hello Dr Youssef ( I hope I spelled that right) I had one of my molars taken out on thursday at 330 and the dentist said after 24 hrs it was ok to smoke, so i have, should i stop for the remaining 15 hrs? also is it normal to feel sick on the stomach this long after the extraction? and one last thing is there such a thing as rinsing too much with warm salt water? i have done so after every cig.

    1. Melissa, yes you spelled it right πŸ™‚
      Dentists can have different opinions about how long you should wait to smoke. Mine can be different from your dentist. I recommend to wait 72 hours before smoking because of the readings I made and personal experience.
      Are you taking antibiotics or pain killers? They can have side effects like nausea, that’s why you might feel sick in the stomach.
      And for rinsing with salted water, I recommend to do it only after you eat something, not too much, go gently, and not for the first 24 hours.

      1. Thank you for your advice. i appreciate you taking time to answer my question. I’m only taking over the counter pain meds but your most likely right about it upsetting my stomach. Thanks again have a great day.

  95. Hi Doc, I had my lower back molar extracted on thursday 2pm, it’s now sunday so it’s been 62 hours, but now the smaller tooth next to the extracted site is feeling loose to me, i can feel it when i touch it with my tongue, what should i do? it’s not about to fall out or anything, but i’m scared if i let it go on it will start to hurt, also can i have a smoke now?

  96. I had a tooth extracted on the 23rd at 8:30 in the morning. Actually, it wasn’t a whole tooth. It was a tooth that broke & he said there were still 3 roots in there & i needed to get them out, so he did an extraction. It’s now Saturday morning, & i was wondering if it was safe for me to start smoking again. I know the recommended time is 48-72 hours, but I’m paranoid about getting dry socket.

  97. Dear Doctor,

    I see you are saying that it is safe to smoke after 72 hours of a tooth extraction. But you did not clarify is it safe to smoke normally like how I always used to or perhaps 2-3 sticks a day only?

    Also, when can i eat solid food on the side of the extraction?

    Mine was a fully erupted wisdom tooth taken out about 12 hours ago.


    1. Barry, I don’t understand what you mean. But when I recommend not to smoke for 72 hours, it is not to smoke at all.

      You can start eating solid foods after 24 hours when feeling comfortable.

  98. I had my impacted wisdom teeth taken out on Monday and it is now Thursday and I just stupidly smoked a cigarette. They have stitches in them and i smoked very lightly but now I am scared because of the chance of dry socket. I rinsed gently with salt water immediately afterwards as well. Is there anything I can do to prevent the dry socket from happening?

  99. Hi doc,
    I had 1 wisdom and 1 molar ( both lower 1 on Right side ) removed on Wednesday. After that it was quite normal- bleeding stopped in 1 hr, no pain as such, no swelling and its been arnd 86 hrs…today few mins back , after a long wait, i dragged two puffs from cigg….that too with wet gauze….and had 20 ml of alcohol with water…… i haven’t taken any pain medication since my course of antibiotics of 3 days post extraction got over…..When i saw the extraction site after that, there is no such opening and its covered although bit whiteness covering seems there….I am bit scared about the pain i am receiving rite now…its not exactly severe but kind of mild radiating pain in my head ( non continues ) and a very heavy feeling in my jaw.
    Additionally if i relate to any injury recently, like i got around 4 stitches on my hand and wound approximately healed after 15 days properly. Can i relate this anywhere to healing time.
    Also , i have been a heavy smoker before extraction.
    Kindly suggest me why i am facing all this and what should be my precautions for next few days in smoking, rinsing, drinking etc or Am i getting the dry socket.
    Kindly help

    1. Jatin,

      Maybe your wisdom tooth was very impacted. If you are having dry socket, the pain would increase a lot and you would have difficulty of opening your mouth wide. Do you have pain medication just in case? If you can try to not smoke for a couple more days it might also help.

      1. Thanks for your suggestion.
        I do have pain medication which i stopped yesterday as 3 days of course of antibiotic and painkiller got over.
        Today i am not having any severe pain and yesterday pain didn’t increase at all while i still feel pain sometimes fr a fraction of second and it goes back. . Also, i don’t find any difficulty in opening my mouth wide.
        My question to you is
        1. If my sockets are completely packed , can i still get a dry socket. I do have stitches as well in extraction site.
        2. During extraction my dentist told me he had to remove a minute fraction of bone and it was impacted tooth.
        3. How long more it will take for me to heal in my case so that i can enjoy food , smoke and drink. When exactly i can be sure.
        Thanks for your help and Awesome forum πŸ™‚

        1. Jatin,

          The total process of healing takes about 3 months, but you won’t feel discomfort all that time. And yes, removing bone when extracting impacted teeth can higher risks of dry socket, but dentists have no choice, they are to remove a bit of bone for access. If you are feeling less pain day by day, that is a good sign as dry socket is really very intense pain.

          1. hi my name is conley and i just had my front tooth pulled on thusday it was craked so i got it tooken out wen can i start smokeing with out gozzzz

  100. Hi, I had my root extracted (tooth #5). i had to wear my flipper right away to create the clot accordign to the dentist. He said i may not need a bone graft if i keep the flipper on. Is that true?

    Secondly, he asked me not to smoke for a while, i am assuming thats because i have an open wound, however it is covered with the flipper

      1. hold in to at least a week to be safe i smoke in my third day and i had a dry socket is very painful you will wish you would wait a week

  101. Doc,
    So i had my two lower wisdom extracted and come to find out i had a dry socket :/ it seems i finally got over the dry socket, now it’s pretty a big hole with a gummy bottom, so my questions is can i start dipping tobacco now? i had them taken out on the 26 jul and it’s now 08 AUG 2012

  102. Hey Doc , its been 6 days since i had all 4 wisdom removed how long does it take for the dissovable stitches to come out? Can i eat solid food yet ? and what about training excercise can i resume excercising after 10 days?

  103. I had an upper back molar taken out 5 days ago, I have been smoking but taking baby puffs so im not sucking in really hard, I am worried about dry socket! like everyone else!! when can i smoke regulary and not be worried about getting a dry socket. im tired of being so careful. I called my dentist and he said ” 2 weeks to suck out of a straw and never for smoking! ” then he laughed . But i didnt think it was funny. so no real answer from my dentist. No pain or swelling well a little pain but not like right after extraction.

    1. Usually it’s 3 days, but if your dentist recommended 2 weeks, maybe it was a very complicated surgery. 3 days is a general rule, but I would follow your dentist’s recommendations, even if he has a strange sense of humour πŸ™‚

  104. Why do you recommend 72 hours? what makes that time ok? also if stitches are in place and slight residual bleeding is it still ok to smoke? do stitches make you less likely to get dry socket? Also is it normal to still bleed slightly (five days tmro at 9ish/ one tooth lower right wisdom, no impaction)? lastly i feel like my pain has increased slightly to a dull throb could it be im getting used to the pain killers or should i worry? i dont have a dentist i had the extraction done at a clinic 3 1/2 hours away (just moved) so i cant get it checked or ask anyone these questions. thank you doctor and sorry for so many questions, dont feel obligated to answer them all.

    1. Colby, the 72 hours follow statistics, that’s why we recommend that way. You are right, stitches well done decrease the chances of getting dry socket. Although new pain coming days after is not normal. If it is actually dry socket and you are hours away from a dentist, it will go away eventually, but you will need pain killers. Of course the best way is to have it checked by a dentist.

      1. Hey doc
        Had all 4 wisdom teeth out yesterday at (1:30pm) I’ve been online all morning researching smoking post wisdom tooth extraction and other Dr’s as well as patients suggest blocking the gums that were opperated on with a wet piece of gauss and then after your smoke you are to rinse you’re mouth with warm water, how does this sound? I don’t know wether to believe it or not

        1. Spencer, me and my colleagues don’t recommend rinsing with salted water the first 24 hours in order not to dislodge the blood clot. And for smoking with gauze, it has not been document that it actually lowers risks of dry socket. I must again recommend not to smoke for 72 hours.

  105. i had my 2 wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago ,both on the right side…

    and now there is no visible holes!!:S its like they have been covered in a new layer of gum already ??
    is this normal?? or have they healed really fast?

    would it be ok to smoke now??

    1. i had 6 wisdom teeth removed and i smoked a cig 20 minutes after the sergury and didnt have any side effects, im sure youll be fine

  106. Hey Doc! I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out and I was wondering when can I have a smoke again I have waited one whole week my surgery was Preety straight foward quick and clean It only took 20 mins and there was minor swelling and no bruising. But I’ve noticed there is some white stringy stuff on the top of my left bottom spot where one tooth was, it looks like food I was just interested in do you know what it is?

    1. Theo, looks like your surgery went very well! If it was a week ago then smoking now is ok.
      About the white stuff it might be food or plaque. You can rinse with salted water. Put in mind that complete healing takes around 3 months.

      1. I thought it might of been some food aswell but after I rinsed more of it was visible, so I’m not sure what it Is if it is food or if just some stitches build up

          1. Sorry one more question I had a mint and I chewed it in and I washed my gums with warm Salt water and now there is a peice of white in the gum where there was a hole now there is a white lump I’m not sure if its a bone or a mint I tried hard to push it out with water and now I don’t know what to do if it’s mint or bone im concerned about an infection but all other wounds have healed I don’t know what to do.

  107. Hey dr I had all 4 of my wisdom tooth taken out a week ago plus 1 extra tooth (so stitches along upper gum a bit an roof of mouth) I was wondering if it’s good if I smoke now…I’ve taken good care of them so far and there haven’t been any complications so far if anything, would 10 days be enough time? Thanks!

      1. doc- i had very impacted wisdom teeth, all 4. so impacted the oral surgeon said there was a chance he could break my jaw ( he did not thank jesus) i stopped bleeding after the first day, but i can definately tell that the back of my mouth is still chewed up.. my cheeks are still slightly swollen and my doctor said my mouth is still healing. i had them surgically removed and i am curious if i can smoke again. my surgery was on the 18th it had been 6 days and 4 hours since the extraction. what are my risks of getting dry socket? he told me 2 weeks ifbefore smoking if i

        1. Casey if your dentist advised you not to smoke for 2 weeks, it means that the surgery was very complicated and he or she wants to make sure the healing is done right. After 6 days there are much less chances for dry socket to occur. But if you can hold off for the whole 2 weeks without smoking, it would be even better for you. There must be a good reason why your dentist advised you so.

  108. Hey Doc,
    I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed on July 12. It’s now July 21 and honestly, I’m DYING to smoke. Seriously. Between the annoying pains (subtle, not severe) and the ridiculous “soft food diet, I’m turning into a moody bitch. And worst of all my girlfriend keeps getting an earful of it. Like I said, it has been almost a week and a half. Can this man have himself a f&*#@%$ smoke?

      1. Perfect Portuguese! πŸ˜› Just made it trough 72 hours but the tooth looks filled with some dark filling and pink gum around it, but no pain. Is it normal?

  109. So I had an upper tooth extracted Monday at 11am. And no one warned me about the after care procedure would be like. The tooth taken out wasn’t much…it once had a root canal done on it and because they never could cap it, my poor tooth died and just fell apart but had not given me any pain or trouble for a long time. The actual removal procedure was quick and easy, but my dentist didn’t really tell me much on what to do with the aftercare other than a soft food diet for 24 hours and don’t use a straw. So I got home, and did a little googling and behold! I discovered dry socket and have been paranoid every since of having this happen. I am a smoker, so when.I discovered that I would have to put my habit on hold for awhile I was not too happy. There is a reason I haven’t quit yet – I turn into a crazy irritable bitch monster when I try. I’ve had a couple of smokes after the initial 24 hours using the whole wet gauze trick. I have absolutely no pain in the area, just a sore jaw every once in awhile. And I realize you keep saying wait 72 hours before smoking… My question is: are you sure?? Do I risk getting dry socket after these 72 hours at all? Because I recall the horrible pain I was in when this tooth first needed a root canal and I would rather go through the labor of my child again than feel that pain again. But all I want to do is to be able to smoke a cigarette the normal way. Am I really out of dry socket danger zone?

  110. Hey doc,

    I had some extensive work done on Friday, June 29th. 4 extractions, 3 crowns, and a root canal. My dentist, prior to this procedure, informed me that I’d need pain meds (ibuprofen 800, vicodin, etc etc) at the ready after the procedure. It’s been almost 3 days, and I have had absolutely no pain whatsoever – aside from the slight discomfort of the stay plate. I had 7, 8, 9, and 10 removed, and currently have a stay plate until the gums heal up for implants (I’m assuming. They said I had to wait a little while before getting them). How normal is this? Am I just a pain-free freak of nature? haha

    Oh, and for everyone else – riptides are no joke. Be careful when you’re in the ocean, that’s how this happened to me. 😐

    Also, I was a smoker since 18 (27 now) and after this procedure decided to just quit completely.

  111. Hey Doc,
    Had my #12 tooth extracted yesterday, and a single tooth Nesbit put in immediately. How soon can I smoke a cigarette?

  112. I just had 4 teeth pulled today at about 10 maybe 1030 and I passed out and ever since then iv had bad nausea is this common or should I call my doctor about this?

  113. i extracted my tooth almost 12 hours ago…i honestly cant wait longer am getteing more moody by the hour.. i want to smoke

  114. I had some 3 wisdom teeth taken out a little over 12 hours ago. If I leave the gauze in am I ok to smoke? They are wet (obviously) and cover the sockets so no smoke would touch the wounds. Also what about the use of a vaporizer?

  115. Doc, I love to work in Percentages.
    EG: What percent chance will this happen what percent chance will that happen. Ya know what I mean.
    So my question is..
    If I smoke 10 cigs a day after my tooth extraction what % chance is it that I will get a dry socket?
    Thanks Doc

  116. Hey
    I got my upper left wisdom tooth pulled on Monday, June 4th at 12:30pm, it is now Thursday, June 7th 9:47am, When can i start eating normal food again like pizza and Hamburgers? Also when can i smoke a cigarette? Ive been thinking about quitting but Its difficult when everyone around me does it. Thank you!

  117. I had tooth number 2 pulled on Thursday. Now my hole has a whiteish yellow ugly thing on it. I have no pain besides slight ache. Also have white spots on my gums and red spots on the roof of my mouth. And i have noticed that it sometimes tastes bad… Am I being paranoid or is this normal? I do sometimes over analyze things.

  118. Hi Dr. I had my front lower left tooth extracted yesterday, said to be simple but broke most of tooth ajacent getting it out. kept putting gause in 1st 2 hrs. then wet quase or tea bag wedged in socket hard when i smoked. soup and small peice of carrot cake (chewed on other side) 5 hrs later. the had cig with tea bag. alittle redness of blood on teabag. the dark red dried blood not as obvious. woke up this morn much pain adjasent tooth. cpain med helped, chompted down on wet gauze 12 hrs later, now, had cig, removed,gauze and appears a gewy string of skin or clot flopping out but its not red. appears it wend up coming out. what could this be? hoping not the clot due to the socket appears not deep red dried blood anymore but light gum colored and this stringy thing is dangling out of socket??what do i do

  119. Hi, I had one of my back teeth extracted Thursday May 24, it’s know Sunday May 27.. how much longer should I wait before drinking out of a straw and SMOKING?! I don’t want to risk a dry socket, but my hole where the tooth was looks like it’s healing well… I think at least lol..

  120. hey doc its been 16 days since i got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. would it be okay to smoke a cig now ? im scared of getting dry sockets!!

      1. Yeah, definitely. Just quit man. You’re already good. I had 4 extractions on Friday the 29th, cigarettes taste like shit now. 😐

  121. Hey doc,

    I got two wisdom teeth on my left side removed on Monday at 4pm. It is now Wednesday 730pm. Would it be ok to smoke? And what are the chances of a dry socket if I did?

  122. Hi doc, I had my tooth pulled yesterday #30, at 11 am. It’s currently been 24 hours, I realize 48 – 72 hours is prefered before smoking. The wound hasnt bled in about 18 hours. The “tobacco” I smoke is very potent and one or two hits would be awesome. Is the chance of gettin dry socket, tied to how much you smoke, meaning my 1 or 2 puffs would be less risk then someone who smokes a whole ciggerette which is prolly 10-20 puffs. Or is one puff as bad as twenty. Thanks for your info and what your doing here to help people is pretty awesome.

  123. My tooth extraction started bleeding today after sneezing and coughing . Its now been 6 days since I had it pulled does that mean Im gonna get a dry socket ???

      1. Hey doc, im just wondering how do i know what im looking at for the clot? and what are the signs of dry socket? i had my tooth pulled 12 hours ago and just smoked half a cig and now im paranoid

  124. Hey doc,
    It’s been exactly 7 days since I’ve gotten all 4 wisdom teeth removed. Is it OK to smoke ? I understand it’s been more than 72 hours so i should be fine but i just would like to know how severe the risks are. Plus 2 weeks from now I’m getting nose surgery so would it be OK to still smoke only 1 time 2 weeks prior to it? thanks please let me know!!!

  125. Hey Doc, What about weed? can i smoke that? upper and lower right wisdom removed at 8:30am est. 5/16/2012.. Also, would taking a puff ir two from a cig really hurt anything? what if i use my nose? You may think im crazy but i havent seen anyone ask these questions so you need to drop some knowledge! Thanks cuz

  126. Hello Doc,
    I had all my teeth pulled out on, 5/10/2012, Thursday morning around 11:00 and a mouth full stitches.
    How long before I can smoke?
    Also I have my new dentures, how long should I wait before I put them in?

      1. Hello Dr, Anto Youssef,

        It’s me again,

        5/10/2012 All teeth extracted
        My top lip looks like it’s disappeared. Is that normal with new dentures?
        My face is still swollen.
        Also, Can i drink a coke cola? I have been drinking water only.

        Thanks a bunch for all your advice.

        Kentucky Lady With New Dentures.

        1. Your top lip disappeared? Maybe it’s the way the dentures are made? I advise to talk about it to your dentist.

          Yes drinking coka cola is fine πŸ™‚

          Your face might still be a bit swollen after one week because multiple extractions were done.

  127. i have a question this is my fourth day with out a cigarette ummm do u think that i can smoke again just curious……

      1. Hey Doc, I have a quick question. I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed a little over 72 hours ago. Is it safe to dip now? Only one was impacted and no stitches were required. Thanks!

  128. Hello, I had #18 and #19 extracted on Wednesday (9th) at 8:30am, it is now Friday and about 1pm. Is it safe for me to smoke now? If I did smoke now, would it be better to use wet gauze like some have said on here? I had to ask because I am between that 48-72hr timeline. Any answers would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

  129. Hey Doc,
    I just had an extraction on a middle tooth at 4:00pm, I havent had anything to eat at all… Im scared to eat, I tired eating noodles, but every time I open my mouth to take a bite the gauzes would lift up. Im nervous the food will go under my gauzes! So my question to you is, can u give me some advice on how to eat, far as the chewing and entering food into my mouth? Also, do I eat with or without the gauzes?

    1. Marketa, eat without gauze or you might accidentally swallow them. I recommend to eat soft foods (soup or shake) for the first 24 hours, and then slowly eat more consistent food.

  130. I had an upper molar pulled Tuesday at 2 pm, its now Thursday 4 pm. I have smoked some but with wet gauze over it and no real sucking motion. I am terrified of getting dry socket now because I live in the middle of no where and my dentist is gone tomorrow and all weekend. What are the chances of dry socket developing? The pain is not too bad now, I can control it with motrin and other then when I first wake up I don’t notice the pain. I really want to smoke! Is it less likely to develop dry socket with an upper extraction? I have been rinsing with salt water like the dentist said to, and really not eating much. Should I still be worried about getting a dry socket?

    1. Megan try not to smoke so you don’t get dry socket.

      If you do get one though, and there are no dentists around, the pain will be intense but it will eventually wear out. Do you have pain medication at your place?

      I hope all will be ok, you might not experience dry socket at all.

  131. Hi doc, had my bottom left wisdom tooth extracted Friday morning (it was impacted) it is now late Tuesday night I was wondering if I can smoke but my stitches are still in there and my dentist never made a follow up app. With me so plse help! πŸ™‚ thnx

  132. Hey I got 3 wisdom teeth removed Friday may 4th
    My lower left one was too deep into the bone so the doc said u need oral surgery or u can leave it. He said it won’t bother you so I decided to leave it for now
    My question is can I smoke now it’s been 72 hours I believe.

  133. hey, i was wondering….i got a bottom molar extracted 24 hrs ago but they stitched it up… is it ok to smoke yet I’m dying for a cig…?

        1. hey doc srry to bother you , but i have 1 more ?
          its been 72 hours now since my extraction is it ok for me to smoke now and
          is it normal for the clot to keep getting smaller?

          1. Tanner, yes it will get smaller a bit, and food might get stuck in the socket. What you can do is rince with salted water after each meal, but please do it gently.

      1. Doctor,
        I got my wisdom teeth out and a left lower molar root canal done at the same time, Monday 4/30/12 and it is now Friday 5/4/12. I haven’t smoked, don’t have much pain at all, swelling on one side is pretty much all the way gone and on the other its just a slight swell. For the most part I feel comofortable. I really need a smoke after 5 days, and I see here you said 48/72 is good, so I shouldn’t have issues, correct?
        Also, I have a numbness on the left side of my lower lip and chin, I researched and I also see that it says this could be permanent. What do you think about this?

        Thank you very much, Mark.

        1. Mark,

          It has been 72 hours so it’s safe to smoke now. But if you were able not to smoke for 5 days, why not stop permanently? I know it’s easier said than done, but just suggesting an idea.

          about your numbness, it’s called paresthesia. Most of the time it’s temporary, and it lasts a few weeks or months. It happens after wisdom teeth extraction. Rarely it is permanent. I suggest you tell your dentist about it right away.

          1. Thank you for the suggestion and that’s the plan, Doc! Also, I did contact the doctor, and they said it’s “common” and as you said, should go away in a matter of weeks/months. By the way, is there anything I can do to speed the parethesia up? Thanks.

          2. Mark, there has been scientific studies show that taking corticosteroid medication can make the paresthesia go away more quickly, but it doesn’t work with everybody.

    1. hi doc I had my wisdom tooth removed last thusday may 3rd, i’ve smoked tow cigarettes since then, it’s the risk to get a dry socket still high? when i could start smoking again? sorry but my dentist never mention about cigarettes and dry socket’s problems

      thx Teo

  134. Hello. I had teeth 30 & 31 extracted on May 1st around 3pm. Unfortunately I’m a heavy smoker & couldn’t wait to start smoking again. I used the wet gauze trick & puffed lightly. When I put the gauze in it comes out slightly pink & it’s now May 3rd is a little blood normal? Also when I touch the site lightly with my tongue it feels like jelly & starting today when I look in my mouth it’s kinda whitish color over the clots is this normal healing? thanks for all the great advice on this forum. I’m thinking I’m ok as far as dry socket although I guess I won’t be sure till day 5 as you’ve said. I have no real pain at the sites the pain is in my cheek where it’s still swollen.

  135. I play alot of Sports but professionsly 3 times a week I participate in a hockey mens league which involves contact . When is it okay for such activities to take place ?

  136. Hello!I had my top right wisdom tooth removed on tues may 1 st at 4 pm….for 24 hours i barely ate and did not smoke one cigg…after that ive had two ciggs while I’ve had gauze in…my question is when can I have a cigg and eat normal without worrying…I’m so worried im gonna wake up in pain from a dry socket but I’m dying to smoke and eat!

      1. Dr anto youssef
        Hello there I had my upper two roots pulled out today, my dentist did not tell me Wat a glaze or Wat it was for, thanks
        Also is It safe to eat soup as so hungry.

  137. HI there dr… OMG I need smoke and been stressful for me 2 days from now …. I went to dental on tues may 1 10:45am remove 2 upper tooths.. is ok to smoke on thur may 4 th ? thanks

  138. Hey doc it’s been 5 days and approximately 120 hours since my wisdom tooth extraction is still possible for me to get a dry socket . I’m just very paranoid to return my normal routines of eating pizza burgers drinking milkshakes etc and smoking ?

    1. And also is it common to still feel some sort of discomfort here and there . I feel when I drink coffee it feels a little weird . Why is this ? Thanks

      1. Thanks for the information . Sorry to bother you again but yesterday the knot of which my dissolvable stitches tended to come out and about 2 stitches after I rinsed with warm water and salt and I made sure i did soft rinses . I’m scared Now as this might affect my healing or result in a dry socket

  139. Hi there. I got an upper molar way in the back pulled monday morning. I’ve been smoking lightly since with gauze in (stupid I know) but with my anxiety I can’t help it. It’s been 48hrs now. My clot is still there redish/grayish covering entire socket, sound normal? Im still sore and a little swollen. My question is if I haven’t gotten dry socket yet is my chances of getting it slim? And is the risk gone after tommorow? Thanks in advance

  140. I just got my wisdom tooth removed and I am still bleeding. It has been 3-4 hours. When would it be all right to drink and eat?

    1. I suggest you have light dinner with soft foods that are not too warm nor too cold. For the bleeding, it is normal sometimes to bleed longer. You can use a wet tea bag on the extraction site, close your mouth on it to make pressure.

      1. Thanks! It had been better. Every time I drink water it seems to bleed a bit. I should brush carefully thought should I? And one last thing, when would be okay to start drinking alcohol? I can imagine it sting!!!!

  141. Hey.

    I had a back lower left molar removed on thursday morning, my blood clot had formed by 12 hours.
    It’s now past 72 hours and my clot has sunk into the socket, I’m not sure if that is normal or not?
    I am a smoker but I haven’t touched any since before the extraction, would it be okay to smoke now? I really don’t want dry socket, I’ve taken every precaution to make sure everything goes properly.

  142. Hi!

    I had two teeth extracted Monday. One was a baby tooth that never fell out (no adult tooth under).

    Today is Friday and I had two cigarettes. I’m trying hard to smoke slowly without a lot of suction. Is it safe?

    I also noticed one of my clots is starting to sink into into the hole. Is this normal?

    Sorry for all the questions but i have one more because I’m honestly curious. Can baby teeth even get dry sockets?


    1. Liz,

      If the extraction was done Monday, and today we are Friday, that is more than 3 days safety so it is OK to smoke and not get dry socket. The hole that is left following extraction will take weeks, up to 3 months to fill out normally, so what you are seeing is normal.

      Can a baby tooth cause dry socket? It depends of how big the roots were and how big the socket is behind.

  143. Hey doc . Quick question . I got my wisdom tooth pulled on 4/20/12 . Todaysvthe 27th.. is it okay for me to smoke?

  144. Hey Doc I got my top left wisdom tooth pulled yesterday at 1030 and I didn’t need stitches and I feel fine what is the chance of dry socket

  145. Hello Doc, I am going to get my wisdom teeth out in a few days & I plan on smoking a cigarette directly after the surgery. After that I am going to drive home, get drunk as #@*%, and promptly, see what happens. I will be sure to let you know how this goes.

  146. Hi dr. Quick question. I had my wisdom teeth pulled Tuesday at 2pm its Thursday 48 hours would be 2pm today. What’s the difference in smoking today right at 48 hours or waiting one more day. Why can’t it be one or the other?

    1. Louis, you are right, a more precise answer would be more helpful for you and for everybody else. That answer would be more 72 hours, so if you can wait one more day, even better.

  147. I had my left two wisdom teeth and top right wisdom tooth removed Monday April 23 how soon can I dip tobacco, I know about the 2-3 days for smoking but wandering if dipping was any different.

  148. Hi doc. I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled(4/20) Friday morning. Although I know I wasn’t suppose to I smoked a cig Saturday afternoon and I smoked one Sunday afternoon. No pain yet, should I be worried about a dry socet later during the week?

    1. Ebony, smoking does not automatically lead to dry socket, it just increases the risk. It has been 48 hours since the surgery. The risks are getting lower. But I strongly recommend not to smoke before tomorrow.

      1. I’m so very scared that I will still get dry socket just from smoking too early. I don’t even see the blood clots any more. Should I go to my dentist tomorrow for a brief checkup. Will it be okay for me to smoke tomorrow without my gums getting infected. It also feels as if my teeth are sinking into the holes in my gums.

      2. Sorry doc. One more question, my dentist have me 3 different prescriptions. I tried to fall asleep last night at 830, and wasn’t successful until 7am this morning. Should I go talk to my regular dentist or the surgeon whom gavel the meds??

  149. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed on April 11 and I’m still experiencing some minor bleeding on my top right side. When I went to for a post op appointment on April 17, I was only having minor bleeding on the top left side. I have been rinsing with warm salt water as the dental assistant has told me and she gave a syringe pump for me to take home to help get any food particles out from the surgery holes. The bleeding is still ongoing and i feel as though when I clean it with the syringe, the wound is not closing because there’s always some blood being mixed with the water. Is this normal for it to bleeding this long still? I haven’t been sure if I should be able to smoke or not either because of bleeding, and I didn’t drink from a straw until Thursday, April 19 night also. Should I not drink from a straw or smoke until the bleeding has completely stopped?

    1. Ana, bleeding can persist longer, although it is unlikely. Do you have a second post-op appointment with your dentist?

      The holes might take a longer time to close as the healing process takes 3-4 months.

      1. I do not have a second post op appointment. They just set me with that first appointment. I just bought a dental scaler, the mirror thing, to see how the top 2 wounds are and the left side is bleeding a bit more than the right side is.

  150. Just got my #45 and #46 extracted 3 hours ago. I smoked about 3 cigarettes since then. Am I already at a high chance of having a dry socket? Since I read the posts and your comments here, I promise to myself that I’ll not smoke again for the next 72 hours.

  151. I had all 4 Wisdom teeth removed on Monday 16th.
    I am hanging for a smoke but a bit scared to have one.
    When I look at the wounds I have a hole
    And I can see bone.
    I am still in a bit of pain.
    Do I have dry socket? Is it ok to have a smoke.
    Also how long until my stitches with fall out?

    1. Aimee, after 72 hours, it is safe to smoke. There has been cases of dry socket caused by smoking after 72 hours but they are very rare.

      Your holes might take a few weeks to be unseen, as full recovery takes 3 months. Mild pain is normal after a week.

      About the stitches, it depends what type have you had. Some dissolve after a few days, some take more time, and others don’t dissolve at all and need to be manually removed.

  152. hey doc,i had my tooth pulled out yesterday and i was wondering if you can still smoke while having a gauze in your mouth?

  153. I had a tooth removed 2 days ago (almost) and the dentist told me not to smoke for 3 to 4 days to avoid infection but said an electric cigarette would be fine as it is just nicotine and water vapour.
    He said nothing to lead me to beleive that sucking is dangerous and so I have been smoking it like a regular cigarete. Just not as frequently.
    Also the constant flow of saliva in my mouth means i have been making sucking motions to swallow it for nearly 48 hours now.
    Does the fact that my dentist told me nothing about sucking and only warned against smoking for infections mean that i have a difrent case to everyone else here? or is it more likely he is not as trust worthy as one would hope he would be.
    (not the first time i had a tooth removed and the last time the dentist told me absolutly nothing atall. Didnt go back to that dentist)

    1. Toby, smoking can cause dry socket in two ways. The first is the toxins from the cigarette (or cigar or anything else), and the second is from the suction. That is why it is not only recommended not to smoke, but also not to spit, or drink with a straw. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend an e-cigarette either.

      Your dentist is probably very good, but like any profession, sometimes people have different opinions (be nice with him or her πŸ™‚ ).

  154. I know this is for questions for tooth extractions but how much is to much brushing your teeth? I brush mine 5-6 times a day and I’m worried I’m doing damage to my teeth?

  155. Hey doc I was told by a nurse Iknow that I could smoke 12 hours after I had all4 wisdom teeth took out they were an easy extraction cause they already started coming in. was she right or do i need to worry about dry socket cause i have smoked 2 cigarettes already. also i have had gauze in for about 8 hours and i still havent quit bleeding and i ran out of gauze but its finally starting to clot is that ok? or do i need to try using some tea bags?

    1. Alexis, when I graduated from dental school they use to recommend not to smoke for 4 hours after surgery. But further research change the recommendations now and I strongly suggest to wait 3 days.

      If you run out of gauze and it still bleeds, yes like you said, use wet tea bags which will help a lot.

  156. I just had tooth #5 pulled yesterday (Monday) and I’m feeling pretty good. However, I’m craving nicotine big time. May I use nicotine losenges or gum (avoiding the side of my mouth where the extraction is) safely? Thanks for the help!

  157. Its been 3 days since I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I normally smoke about a pack a day. I have only smoked four cigarettes since my surgery and I have placed gauze to try to prevent dry socket.I heard that dry sockets are the worst pain ever, and that it will put you into tears. I’m in pain, but not that much pain, so if I haven’t gotten dry socket yet, what are my chances of getting it if you said normally you can’t get it after 72 hours?

  158. hello doc,
    I just got the 2 wisdom teeth on my left side extracted today. They told me no gauze after the first hour. I am nervous because I had my other 2 pulled years ago and left the gauze in for a few days constantly changing them and I am worried about swallowing wrong and breaking the clot
    .. I do not know if it makes any difference because this time they also gave me stitches. Also I have noticed that you have been saying not to smoke for at least 72 hours. My note says 10 days! Please say I do not have to wait that long!

    1. Debbie,

      Different doctors might have different opinions. I think not smoking for 3 days is safe. There have been rare cases of dry socket after 10 days and maybe that’s why your dentist recommends to wait that long. If you could wait 10 days that’s wonderful, but if not, 3 days is fine.

      The gauze is mostly put when it bleeds and to cause pressure for the clot to form. If after an hour it stops bleeding, I wouldn’t put the gauze anymore. But if bleeding persists or starts again, you can use gauze or wet tea bags.

      1. Thank you so much!
        I was also told not to rinse my mouth out with anything for 10 days as well. before I have done salt water and not spit as to not loosen the clot. Can I still do the salt water even if I have stitches that will need to be removed as well?

  159. Doc got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled this morning and all four of them were impacted do i have to wait longer than 72 hours to smoke?

      1. one more question – do you recommend using gauze while you smoke – i was told to fold two gauze in the back of the mouth watering them so it cant block that suction while smoking? Thanks for all your help

  160. Hello,

    I Just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed (on wed), and i had a few questions.
    1) One of the wisdom teeth impacted the second molar to a point where it looks like it had a hole in it. My normal dentist said i can have one of two options. I could either get a root canal done or i can eventually have it removed, but the Oral Surgeon did not say anything about the second molar. So my question is should I just have it removed rather than going through the whole process of a root canal?

    2) Im feeling a slight irritation in my upper right gum where the tooth was removed. Its not severe or anything. It just started when i used the plastic syringe to clean it out on the 2nd day. I also took a look at the area with one of them tiny mirrors (like the ones dentist use) and it looks like its healing good along with the other areas. But my question is this. Is it possible that it could be the beginning of dry socket?

    3) How long are you supposed to use the mouth wash that is prescribed? (on my bottle it just says take 15ml twice a day)

    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      about your second molar, if it really does need a root canal, I would strongly recommend to go through the process instead of extracting the tooth. Is it sure you would need one? Are you in pain there, or is there a big cavity or fracture?

      About the irritation on your upper gum, could it be the sutures? Or if there were no sutures, you can feel mild pain up to 10 days after extraction.

      And about the mouth wash, is it chlorhexidine? If so, I think the bottle would last you 3 weeks. If it’s Listerine or salted water, then I would rinse for at least one week or as indicated by your dentist.

  161. I had one of my front teeth pulled saturday at 10am and a flapper put in in its place. Will I be safe to smoke monday morning (48 hours after)?

  162. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed Friday at 9am it is now Sunday at 1:30pm. I was wondering if it is now safe to smoke with the gauze in my mouth?

  163. I had my upper and lower wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday at 1:30 pm. It is now Saturday at 12:15. I have not smoked a cigarette but want to know if it is ok to now that it has been three days. I don’t want a dry socket. But my first day after they were extracted I threw up a million times from the pain medication. But I’m okay now.
    Thnx πŸ™‚

  164. Hi, I had a tooth pulled late afternoon Thursday. The dentist packed the extraction site with some kind of foam looking stuff he said would help it heal. It’s still in there, but is rising up out of the extraction site in a few places. Is this normal or should I contact the dentist? I’m worried that this stuff will fall out and disrupt the clot. It doesn’t seem loose overall, but it is protruding from the extraction site- is this ok? I’m taking antibiotics for an infection and 800 mg Ibuprofen for pain- no pain for the most part… when the Ibuprofen wears off there is a dull pain/pressure feeling at the extraction site, which I think is normal since it’s only 48 hrs since it was pulled and there was an infection. My main concern is this stuff he packed the site with- is it supposed to heal w/that stuff in there? Is it supposed to fall out? I have a follow up visit scheduled for Thursday (one wk after extraction) but am not sure if I should see him before then or if there is anything I should do over the weekend. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Marguerite,

      The gel-foam that your dentist put is supposed to resorb or fall-out by itself. I therefore wouldn’t worry if it comes out, but try not to play with it too much.

      Ibuprofen 800 is a good dosage to remove pain, and having mild pain that lasts up to 10 days is normal. Dry socket is very intense pain that normally appears 3 to 5 days after the extraction.

    1. Hi Doc, i had my right top and bottom wisdoms extracted, one was impacted. its now been 4 days, i have been smoking during the time and at nighttime am in agony. If i have a dry socket how long does this normally take to heal?should i be in this much pain..any advice? thanks

      1. Hi Tom, try not to smoke!
        Dry socket is very intense pain that can last many days. Contact your dentist and he or she can put you medication in your socket to accelerate the healing. Until then take ibuprofen (max 2400 mg per day) or acetaminophen (max 4000 mg per day). A combination of both can help more.

  165. Hey doc, I’m prescribed marijuana and had my two wisom teeth pulled yesterday morning, and I have heard that if u use a bong, (because of less sucking I guess) and then rinse with listerine or something that kills germs after, can u still get dry socket?

  166. Hey doc, i had an extraction yesterday about this time, and i have half a smoke beside me. i was wondering if a dry socket could happen right at your first drag or getting eventually worse and worse the more you smoke? also, does gauze actually help with the smoke in your mouth? thanks bud

  167. Its says rinse for a few days and after each meal what is the recommended time to continue with salt ? Tomorrow is oone week

  168. hey doc I had a simple tooth extraction, doc said 72 hrs, but the recovery paper he gave me says 24 hours. just wondering how long to wait? Thanks.

  169. I had my top left wisdom pulled.. today is day four no pain ever bleeding stopped that night is it ok to smoke without putting gauze in my mouth ?

  170. Hi, I had my 3rd from back right (inc wisdom tooth) on bottom row extracted 3 days ago (Tuesday20th) but it wouldn’t fully clot properly for ages but yesterday early morning was the last time it bled and it was a very very tiny amount and hasn’t bled at all since. I haven’t had a cigarette yet but I was wandering if I should count the 72 hour wait from yesterday early morning or from the actual day and time I got it extracted. I just do not want to risk an infection.

  171. Hey, so I had 4 of my wisdom teeth removed on Friday early in the morning. I thought I was going to get dry sockets so I checked in with my doc because I smoked. He said I was OK, just one of them was healing slower than the other. He then took the stitches out and put in these weird patches to relieve them. When am I allowed to smoke, its been over six days now? Thank you very much.

  172. OK, it’s been three days since my extraction and I’ve been smoking slowly ever since. I know, not a good idea, but I was jonsin lol. well anyway, I’m fine right now, no super pain, no bleeding, nothing out of the ordinary just a little pain and some swelling. I was wondering though, if I DO get dry socket, will it just start bleeding again because it’s not bleeding at all right now. I was just wondering

      1. lol i can t spell what i want to say lol. im tryin to say it like ” i was jonsin for a cig” like i wanted one real bad lol. Thx for answering so quickly πŸ™‚

  173. Hi, I got my upper left wisdom tooth taken out on the 13th. It is now the 16th and I’m wondering if I’m gonna get a dry socket if I smoke? It hasn’t been hurting and it’s been 3 days already! Please advice!

  174. Hey Doctor

  175. hello
    well i had my wisdom tooth removed on monday 11.am
    so today wednesdat 7.40 pm… can i smoke… because for me it is really not able to stay…
    cannot concentrate on anything…
    and if i can smoke then how many of cigatree can i smoke…
    and y is it said that not to smoke when the wisdom tooth is removed…
    actually i was a tobacco eater but i have stopped it and
    i started smoking… so now cannot stay without it..
    what i want is nikotine..
    so please suggest if i smoke then will it be harmfull
    my lips and my mouth is dried…
    pls help

  176. hello

    I Had My RIght Lower WIsdom Tooth Extraction On 12-03-2012 at morning 11.00am
    and i am a tobacco chewer… so can i chew on my left.. as well i want to smoke
    but cannot smoke… cz my doc said to wait till a week… pls suggest…
    i cannot work nor i can go toliet properly…
    pls help

  177. Had my upper left molar removed on Saturday at around 1. Is it safe 2 smoke now it’s Monday morning 7 am? Havent had no pain no bad breath or taste. Nothing.

  178. Hello, i had my wisdom teeth removed thursday morning at 9:45 AM, it is now sunday 12:01 am, is it okay to take a smoke?

  179. I had my tooth extracted on tuesday and today is saturday it was a bottom left molar i think thats what he said anyways it was a bad tooth it took him 2 hours for him to get it out he jerked and wiggled back and forth pissed when i left there lol! but my on is is it normal for it still to be hurting and smoker but havent for 5 days but im wanting one bad! is it ok to go ahead and have one or should i waitother question have anixity bad but i was going to ask what are the chances of somone geting trigemanal neuraliga im worried about all this please write me back! thanks

    1. It should be ok now to smoke Nichole, and it’s normal to hurt a bit after 5 days. If the pain is intense, it might be dry socket and you should call your dentist just to look at it.

    2. dr.yousef i couldnt find any other place to ask my question its not related to this post but its very important for me , one day i woke uo with brown lines on my front upper teeth , i have very pretty teeth, i didnt drink wine or soy sauce but i smoke . i dont know why it appears on facial side of my teeth over a night cuz usually its on lingual side turning dark brown but i have light brown lines on my facial beauty :(((((((((((((((((((

  180. so its been 7 days since I had #19 molar removed and I’ve been using gauze to cover the socket when I smoke. when can I stop using the gauze when I smoke because the gauze is starting to make the socket hurt.

  181. I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed thursday march 1st and it has now been 4 days, I was thinking about smoking a cigarette tomorrow which would put me at 5 days do you think I will get a dry sockets if I smoke at 5 days after my surgery, and if not do you think I could smoke tonight 4 days without a problem? Thank you

      1. so if I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled today can I put gauze in my mouth to cover the holes and smoke like that?

  182. hi my name is amado and i just got surgery on february 24 and i havent smoke but what im afraid is getting the dry sockets evrybody been talking about that the pain is so bad so i just dont want to get that on my mouth so can i smoke now till this day

  183. I had a root canal done last thursday started antibiotics. the infection did not go away it got very severe dentist has fri sat sun off so monday I went in he said I have’t o extract it or see a surgeon and it would take days or a week to see one so I chose extraction. Everything seems much better but there is still pain and tenderness still some swelling too along with nasty taste but doesnt seem to be a dry socket. My question is; at this point I just ran out of antibiotics my dentist is off fri sat sun so should I be worried that this infection could get worse again because I ran out of antibiotics before all symptoms of infection went away? Will it now run its course and go away? The first 6 dsys of taking antbiotics was before it got worse and had to be.extracted so really ive only been on antibiotics for 4 days since therocedure that actualy helped is this bad?

  184. Dudes (and dudettes), take the opportunity to quit smoking…….I’ve been a smoker for about 12 years now, did a tooth extraction in 2005, had no idea of the adverse effect of smoking after and puffed away immediately, and ended up being incapacitated by pain and fever.

    A week ago I had more teeth taken out and haven’t smoked since, my stitches are still in and it’s not completely healed so I’m going to have to give it another week. Haven’t had any major cravings so far (even during that acid test of drinking a few beers) and I’m wondering that if I make it past the two week mark, could I perhaps not feel the need to go back?

  185. hi i am Daniel iv just had a tooth extraction and told that i need root canal or extraction when i asked which is best he said extraction but the gap will be quiet visible can u give me any advice please thanks

  186. Hi

    I am 29 and had my right top wisdom tooth removed, there were stitches that were put in. I am a smoker and the first 24 hours didn’t smoke but day 2 were 2 smokes day 3 were 4 and now Im on day 4 now and wondering when is ok for me to resume smoking like normal and not put the gauze in my mouth at the same time? Also when is someone out of the danger stage of dry socket?


  187. Hello i had a tooth pulled monday feb 20th at 10 am it is now wednesday feb 22nd i am going to be honest i really need to smoke when will i be ok to do so without fearing dry socket? and how will i know if i have dry socket?

    1. After 48 hours (preferably 72 hours) it is considered safe. Dry socket happens 3 to 5 days after extraction, and you feel intense pain, difficulty of opening your mouth, and bad smell.

  188. Hi I find this blog really helpful and I just have a few questions to ask,
    it’s been 6 days after my wisdom tooth extraction (4 of them) with which 2 bottom ones were stitched up, is it ok to have a few smokes starting day 7? Is it still likely to get dry socket?
    And also I notice on the bottom left there is a white thing poking upwards (vertical) that seems to be the stitch… it’s oddly poking upward, is it normal? Should i worry about it or will it dissolve eventually?

    1. Thank you Jack for your nice feedback.
      After 6 days it is considered safe. And what you are describing sounds like your stitches. If they are resolvable, they should fall out by themselves. Or your dentist can remove them on your next appointment.

  189. today i had my upper left wisdom tooth pulled and when the doctor numbed me up i felt like i couldnt swallow and i started gagging a dry heaving is that normal, oh and i do have a bad gag-reflex also

  190. ok, i feel i must post this in the name of harm reduction,, DO NOT SMOKE FOR 3 DAYS AFTER TOOTH EXTRACTION.. ok great, now that thats out of the way, i am going to speak to the people out there who under the threat of death are gonna smoke anyway,,,, ok, first, cover extraction site with wet gauze,,,now, take your cigarette, roll it between your fingers dumping some tobacco out to make it looser,,,i remove the filter too,and advise you do as well, now, with gauze in carefully apply light pressure to the gauze (bite down lightly) and ever so lightly draw on your cig,,,(if your cheeks suck in at all you are sucking too hard) also try to inhale through your nose as drawing on the cig as it will help equalize the pressure in your mouth,again, draw lightly like taking a normal breath.., when finished remove gauze,rinse with salt water……..NOW AGAIN, DO NOT SMOKE FOR 3 DAYS AFTER TOOTH EXTRACTION.

  191. I just couldn’t depart your site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the usual information a person supply to your visitors? Is going to be back incessantly in order to check out new posts

  192. What a wonderful blog, i found it extremely helpful. I had my two bottom wisdom teeth removed today. One of them was impacted, but i’m almost positive I don’t have stitches as he didn’t say anything about having them or having to get them removed. I tried to open my mouth a bit to look back there and all i saw was a hole, not closed or anything. Is it normal for your surgeon to not give you stitches? Also do stitches reduce the chance of infection or dry sockets? I feel like even the mushy foods i’m eating are getting caught in the holes and i’m fiddling around with my tongue to get it out and I’m worried it will not heal because of this? I know tomorrow I will be able to rinse the food out with salt water but will today have effected my chances of either of these?

  193. Hi, I got my wisdom tooth taken out on tuesday after noon. Im planning on drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes on friday. Is it safe to do so? Would it result in infection and creating dry socket?

    1. Hi Brian,

      About smoking, Friday would be 72 hours later, so you are ok.
      About drinking alcohol, it depends if you are taking antibiotics or pain killers, then it might not be ok to drink alcohol with them.

      1. Hi, thanks for your reply.

        i did drink alcohol on friday night however, i took antibotics and pain killer medicine at noon and around 9pm i consumed alcohol. is it that bad to the point where i have to go see my doctor?

      2. Dr. Youssef,

        You clearly deserve a bunch of praise for your feedback. As for everyone else, here are some salient points that are VERY simple:

        1. Don’t smoke at all;
        2. If you do, wait at least 48 hours to do so, better still make it 72 (how many times does Dr. Youssef need to reiterate this obvious point);
        3. Once you make it past this window (and better still if you’re another day or so thereafter), your risk of subsequently developing a dry socket is significantly lower;
        4. Dry sockets are painful and bad. Don’t jeopardize your health in order to smoke or drink;
        5. Dr. Youssef does not (and can not) condone the use of drugs in this forum. Again, pretty obvious why.

        I wish you all well.

        Thank you

    2. I Apologise for not opening a new post for this, but was unaware how. Thank you very much for all your knowledgable answers, I easily was able to scroll down and find everything I wanted to know about prevention, causes, and signs of dry socket. No need to ask you anything because its already been answered so instead I’ll tell you the story behind the pulling. I had two teeth pulled out yesterday at 3:20 by a brand new dentist to me, I’ve never had a better job done, she had this technique where she would pinch the cheek when inserting the needle for anesthesia which distracted me enough to not even feel the needle! The extraction was semi complicated, it was my lower wisdom and the molar right next to it. The wisdom tooth broke but both pieces were removed. The pain I experienced with the tooth present was tremendous. 3 years ago the initial pain started and my dentist at the time drilled a hole in the tooth to alleviate pain. My guess is the hole he created was to take pressure off my nerve that was enflamed, because the pain went away instantly. Regardless this tooth sat in my mouth for 3 years and being there was a hole in it everytime I ate and ANY food got stuck in it the pain would be unbearable until i found a mirror and dislodged the debris that stopped the tooth from “breathing”. It’s not like I did not visit a dentist within the three years, I just have numerous problems within my mouth which may have needed immediate attention.
      Probably due to the laziness of my parents? Didn’t see a dentist till I was 16 years of age and my mouth most definentely should have been braced.

      I’m 23 now and have so much dental work ahead of me I’ll be able to retire once its complete :-/

      Sorry for rambling on, once again thank you so much for being so direct and kind, was much help!!

    3. hi .. I have a Mexican socket prevention..
      For those who like to smoke, after a tooth extraction, I recommend use a piece of cotton on the the tooth extraction place, than cover it with a piece of clear wrap over the cotton making sure seal the live zone to prevent socket from the chemical of the cigarrete, also try to not do much sucition. make sure after smoke, brush your teeth very well to remove the chemical particules, and you be good