How to stop teeth grinding

Bite SplintIf someone suspects teeth grinding, either because the dentist noted it or the spouse complained about it, there are many ways to control it, depending on how severe the grinding is.

If the teeth grinding occurs during the daytime, it is possible to be conscious about it and try not to put the upper and lower teeth tightly against each other.

If it happens during the nighttime, these simple procedures can help for mild cases:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Reduce foods containing caffeine.
  • Relax the chewing muscles in the evening by applying a wet and warm cloth to the face.

If all these don’t work, the dentist can fabricate a bite splint that should be worn at night. A bite splint is an acrylic appliance that is custom made for each person. It can be worn either on the upper teeth, or the lower teeth, which helps to prevent teeth grinding when it is well adjusted by the dentist.

Source: Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)?
In French: Comment arrêter le grincement des dents?


One thought on “How to stop teeth grinding”

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    Lots of people complain about gnashing their teeth during sleep, more or less intensely; this type of teeth grinding is considered a medical condition called bruxism, and it equally affects children and adults. Teeth grinding can affect the condition of the natural enamel of the teeth allowing for the entering of the bacteria in the deep dental layers. Varying from mild to severe forms that require treatment, bruxism is not necessarily limited to night manifestations, as there are people who often gnaw their teeth at daytime too. Regular dental care and checks with a health care provider are the best ways to achieve a proper teeth condition, however, one also needs to deal with the causes that trigger teeth grinding in the first place.

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