Why is oral hygiene important?

A smile is the shortest distance between two people. To make sure that your smile reflects the best about you is to practice good oral hygiene.

Teeth are important, not only for the smile and the speech, but also for their contribution to the structure of the face and the jaw. Bacterial infections that affect teeth and gums are probably the greatest threat to a healthy mouth. Bacteria can be left on teeth, or in between them, later causing tooth decay and cavities. Bacteria can also accumulate around the gums leading to gingivitis or more severe gum disease.

Regular oral hygiene is very important to eliminate bad bacteria that can cause these infections. Brushing after each meal, flossing daily and regular checkups at the dentist complete oral care to always have healthy teeth and gums.

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4 thoughts on “Why is oral hygiene important?”

  1. I agree that to have good dental health it is wise to brush your teeth properly twice a day. Teeth are just as important to the health as they are to the appearance. I do all I can to keep my teeth clean and my mouth in good condition.

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