5 reasons to floss your teeth every day

FlossDid your dentist remind you to floss your teeth at your last dental checkup? And yet it is easy to forget to do. Maybe by knowing why flossing is so necessary for oral hygiene, it would be easier to follow the dentist’s advice. Here are 5 important reasons why flossing is so important:

  1. To reduce the risk of having cavities
    Brushing alone cannot clean all around a tooth when there is another tooth right next to it. Flossing completes tooth brushing by removing plaque and foods remaining in between two teeth where tooth decay often starts.
  2. To reduce the risk of having gum disease
    Plaque is full of harmful bacteria, and if left around teeth it can accumulate on gums and start an inflammation. This is the first step of gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis.
  3. To prevent halitosis
    Plaque that is located in between teeth, if not removed, can emanate a bad smell, which is one of the number one reasons of having bad breath.
  4. To prevent tartar buildup
    If plaque is left around teeth, it becomes tartar with the saliva calcification action. Tartar can also cause gum disease and to reduce its amount around teeth is good for oral health.
  5. To reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
    People with heart disease must be very vigilant with their oral hygiene because the mouth is an entry point for harmful bacteria that, if not eliminated, can eventually reach the heart.
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In French: 5 raisons de passer la soie dentaire à tous les jours

7 thoughts on “5 reasons to floss your teeth every day

  1. ok so I’m going to tell the truth,
    i never floss, i have braces too,
    is there anything i should do swell as floss btw I’m 13

  2. Hi,
    I am one of your blog reader(a dentistry student in Iran) read your blog via feed reader.
    may be your posts are as common that that’s not realy usefull for a undergradute howe ever youa are realy successfull in abstracting and detailing all dentistry field refrenses in your posts!

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