What if an adult tooth falls out completely after an accident?

Avulsed toothAvulsed toothSometimes accidents happen where a front tooth falls out completely after shock, without fracturing itself. This situation is serious and can cause stress, if it happens to us, or if it happens to our child. In these cases it is possible to put the tooth to where it was, but we must proceed immediately.

Here are the instructions to follow:

  • A tooth that fell out, and which maintained its whole structure without any major fracture must be re-implanted within 60 minutes after the accident for having the best chances to remain in position. This applies to adult teeth only and not for deciduous teeth.
  • The best option is to re-implant the tooth at the accident site. The tooth should be placed by an adult, either by the person who lost his tooth, or by another adult if it is a child who has suffered from the accident.
  • It is important that the tooth is placed in its exact position, so it does not move when the patient bites his teeth together.
  • If the tooth is dirty, it is important that the patient cleans it with his own saliva by putting it in his mouth. It should then be removed from the mouth and spit all the debris. By spitting hard, you can remove the blood clot that would have formed in the hole where the tooth was located, making the re-implantation of the tooth easier to do.
  • The more quickly this is done; the better will be the chances of success.
  • If for some reason the tooth cannot be placed in its right position, then it must be brought the dentist as soon as possible. The tooth can be kept in the mouth of the patient if it is an adult. If it’s a kid that had the accident, he or she may swallow the tooth; it is therefore better to keep it in a cup of milk, or in a saline solution (one cup of water mixed with half teaspoon of salt). The patient and the tooth must be taken to the dentist as soon as possible.

By following these instructions there are good chances that the tooth remains in the mouth for a lifetime. There are risks that it may need a root canal later, or it might need to be extracted and replaced by an implant, a bridge or a partial.

Full Article: Avulsed Tooth – What to Do When a Tooth Falls after an Accident
In French: Que faire si une dent adulte est complètement tombée suite à un accident?


115 thoughts on “What if an adult tooth falls out completely after an accident?”

  1. Hi sir….
    3weeks ago I met with an acciident.my front 2teeth were moving after accident.but now the movement was not that much as it is earlier.little now…and its adjacent one teeth is lost.i donno exactly it is completly lost or broken inside.but gum at its position is strong from outside like bone inside.will my teeth stop moving exactly.??? What was the solution for lost teeth

    1. Hi Bharath,

      For your 2 moving teeth, I recommend to see a dentist to have them checked, to make sure they are healthy and that the roots are not fractured. If necessary the dentist can put wires to stabilize your moving teeth.

      Your dentist can also check if there is a remaining root left for your “lost” tooth. The solutions to replace lost teeth are either dental implants, bridges or partials.

    1. Hi April,

      The best thing is to see your dentist to have it checked. If it’s significantly loose, your dentist can splint it with other teeth to hold and heal. But the soonest the better.

          1. Thank you for taking out time to give me advice about my tooth . I’m thinkinking its gonna be okay in time. Is it possible for it to straighten out on its own. It doesn’t hurt its not hanging or bleeding. Just wiggles a little. How long would it take to tighten on own if possible.

          2. I don’t think it will become straight like before on its own. When it is splinted with other teeth by a dentist, it takes a few weeks to stop moving. Without splinting, and not knowing at what level the tooth is wiggling, it’s hard for me to answer.

          3. My tooth is straight. I ment tighten up it seems a little better this morning.. How long does it take to tighten months weeks?

  2. I am 34, i fell today and hit my front tooth, it is wiggling very slightly and hurts when i touch it, should i get this checked?

  3. Hi Doctor,
    I’m 11, and I have a loose tooth. I can’t even remember if it’s a baby tooth or permanent tooth! What should I do?

  4. Hello!
    My right front insisor just fell out! I am 52 & this tooth had been loose for about six months. This particular tooth never fully grew a root, so when it finally just gently fell out, it is very short.

    I followed your instructions, and the tooth is in there but the front gum looks pretty low. I am currently unemployed & uninsured.

    So, just based on my very limited information, what do you guess are the chances of keeping this tooth?

  5. Hi

    Im 16 and my front left tooth feels loose. I can feel it move when I touch it and eat. I have seen two dentists one said it is normal to have some movement and that because I had braces it was just taking time for my gums to close down on it. I saw another who said it was fine and there was no movement. Its been over 6 months since I had my braces out and it still feels loose and I can see it wobble slightly. today I hit it and it feels worse. Is there a way I can fix it from the dentist or will it slowly cement into my gums over time? If it does fall out can the dentist or a private clinic screw or place it back in. Costs aren’t a problem and I am willing to spend a lot to keep my original tooth.

  6. Dr. My front tooth feel wiggle and it kind hurts (little bit) I got hit this tooth what should I do I am 13 year old? By the way I think it my adult (not sure 48%).

    1. If you are a teenager or adult, then your front tooth is most likely to be a permanent tooth. If it’s wiggling then there is a problem and I suggest you go see your dentist to have it checked.

  7. Hi, I am 11 years old, and I have few baby teeth now, and I have a decayed permanent molar that broke in to pieces and now its only half a tooth. It is getting wobbly and I don’t know what to do with it, it hurt when I ate a donut after eating a fish-related meal. But it did hurt when i ate that meal. I told my mom about it and asked to take me to the dentist but she doesn’t have the time and money. What should I do? If it does fall out, I dont want it to be placed back but I want it to be replaced because I am getting bullied because of my decayed tooth.

    LONG STORY SHORT: How can I repair it? Can I replace it? What will the dentist do if I do check this to him? PLS REPLY 😦

    1. Margaret, no you cannot repair it by yourself, only a dentist could, and that if the cavity isn’t too advanced. A cavity can either be repaired by a basic filling, or if too advanced, the tooth might need root canal treatment. If a good part of the tooth is destroyed, extraction might be the only treatment.

      I suggest for you to insist when you ask your mom to take you to the dentist.

  8. Hi. About four years ago I had my front tooth punched out, and without knowing anything to do I just pushed it back in. Admittedly I did take it in and out to show people which in the end left it hang further down, I went to my local dentist who shaved it down and gave me special mouthwash a few times I got a infection which cleared up and came back but I have haven’t had that for ages, now when it gets cold my tooth hurts sooo much I feel like banging my face on something and its also wobbles I’m worried its going to come out and ill lose my tooth for good..

    Can this happen?
    Is there anything that can prevent this I’m desperate to find out as in very conscious of my teeth and would die if I lost it.

      1. Hi, my dentist was going to do a root canal as she feared my tooth would lose color as it also had no feeling in it at the time but my tooths feeling came back after some time, and she was happy not to do that.

          1. Hi sorry no. I didn’t explain that properly when I went to see her it was at the time when my tooth was knock out 4 ish years ago its just since then I’ve had he other problems as explained previously. Sorry I wasn’t clearer.

          2. If it’s only sensitive to cold, you can try brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste twice a day before anything else. If that is not enough then a root canal might be a solution. But before doing a root canal it’s important to see if your tooth is solid and not moving.

  9. Hi Doctor,

    My lower left 2nd molar has been very bad for quite some time. About a year and a half ago, it began to decay and pieces slowly began to break apart from the tooth, it was also extremely painful and I had to apply ora-gel on a regular basis. I currently only have about half of that tooth left in place, and it has become extremely loose. Should I just wait for it to fall out, or can I pull it out myself? And if it does fall out, is it mandatory to see a dentist or can it heal on it’s own? If I should see a dentist would it be possible to see doctor instead (I live in Canada and have free medicare). I have little to no pain with this tooth (the pain stopped about 8 months ago), it’s more of an annoyance than anything else. My only fear is that if it were to fall out, it might not close/heal on it’s own and I may contract some sort of infection. I should note that this tooth is the only oral care issue that I have, I don’t even have as much as a cavity in any other teeth, which is why I don’t particularly understand how it happened in the first place. I didn’t have health insurance at the time, neither do I at this point in time. I’m currently unemployed as well so seeing a dentist isn’t possible for me at this time… I hope you can share some insight as to what I can do about this issue.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. I really don’t suggest for you to try to pull out your tooth. A molar has very big roots and you are more likely to break your tooth instead of extracting it. And doing anything without anesthetics is not something you want to experience either.

      I know you don’t to hear this but seeing a dentist is the best option.

  10. Hi Dr.!
    I’m 18 and today i was eating and bit kind of hard on the fork and now my tooth hurts. The gum on that tooth has gone down a bit and I feel like it may fall off! What do I do, cause right now I have no money for a dentist. Let’s say it does fall out w/o any cracks in it, do I just place it back in the right position, but for how long? Please Help!

    1. Crystal, if your tooth is broken, you cannot replace the broken piece. This blog post is for a tooth that is completely removed from its socket, but that remains in one piece, with the root.

        1. You are welcome 🙂 I don’t think your tooth would fall out after biting on a fork. The unfortunate times where I saw a whole tooth come out were when some playing sport receives a ball or something on their face. It can also happen when someone falls on their face.

  11. Hi, I’m 16 and i ate popcorn today and so I felt as if a kernel was stuck in my gum so I tried to get it out but instead I got a bit of blood and now my gum is a bit swollen over the tooth and I’m not sure of it but the tooth might be slightly loose. Is there anyway I can make sure it doesn’t get any worse?

  12. My lower right front tooth hasd been loose for awhile and last night it fell out while I was driving. While I had insurance, I had seen a dentist and he said it would have to come out since the gum line at the front of the tooth had gone almost to the bottom. There was very little bleeding and I pulled into a gas station and warm salt water rinsed for about 20 mins. After it fell out there is a long spongy mass left behind which I assume is the root. I went to an urgent care clinic and they told me it would just fall out and not to worry.

    1. Is this actually true?

    2. If not, is there anything I can do at home to take care of it? I am unemployed right now and I have no way to pay a dentist for the work.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Clinton, yes the tooth seems to have fallen out because of advanced gum disease, not from trauma or accident.

      To have it replaced, a dentist can take the proper x-rays and discuss with you the solutions and all the options (partial, implant, bridge). I don’t see this to be urgent right now, maybe you can plan on doing it when you are not unemployed anymore. Good luck Clinton!

  13. Hey doctor, my 9 year old brother has had his left adult permanent tooth knocked in an accident and its wobbly. It had barely come out of the gum, maybe 3mm but its wobbly and the skin of the gum had come off.
    What can we do and will it grow back normally?
    It happened before he went to sleep, and he is sleeping now, what should I do to. Prepare for the morning?

  14. hi i,m 34 yrs old my front tooth (down) is fall out not now but a while ago, and i want fill it. so i dont know what to do. or if they can do it for me. so my question is it posimple that they can but another tooth for me to fill it or what else can they do for me,


  15. Hello I’m 19 years old and I have been diagnosed with periodontal disease yea I know I’m too young for this ok well my bottom front teeth is loose and the gum line is really low I wonna be able to keep it until I get to a periodontalist which is in 3 to 4 weeks I still live with my parents cause I just graduated and I can’t drive cause I’m visually impared so I have too depend on my mom to take me but she never has time I wonna do the LANAP procedure but idk if it’s too late 😦 unless I can get a fake tooth in the front and the LANAP procedure in thee rest thank you I’m scared it will be embarrassing to have a missing tooth and go to college and work
    :(. Devastated

        1. It depends how loose they are. I would recommend not to eat something hard if they are way too loose. If they are just a bit loose, maybe you can get regular checkups and cleanings at the dentist, with possible curettage or gum treatment.

  16. PLEASE HELP ANY DENTIST ANSWER IS URGENT, AUG.30,2012….I have medically confirmed dry mouth synrome from all life saving drugs from 2003 hit by 2 tonnes of steel, car on bike:( (son and i road accident survivors) Since, my teeth have gone downhill and discoloured this year right front tooth mostly dental plastic fix, fill in came out so repaired again, i am 6 days from home, 15,000 miles away in another country, and blast it the other left front tooth got very loose 2 weeks ago, and had nap and awoke with tooth in mouth.
    No pain, no root, all filler from last treatment, can i use super glue, or is it poisonous???

  17. im 13 and my front right tooth has come out yesterday and really consious of going out it came out as i had a filling wich hurt then root canel after a while it became wobbly and i didnt go to dentist it snapped last night and the root and a tiny bit of tooth is still there but i have to many teeth at the front of my mouth i noticed it when i was looking at the gap its bank holiday tommorow and cant c a dentist tll teusady my going to safari park wednesday and not sure what to do if anyone sees it im worried what theyll think can it be replaced with a false one ? please
    hope you get back to me fast x

      1. ok thanks very much i hate the dentist but i guessed i had to go really dont want to as i got safari park on wednesday and bank holiday tomoz so thanks very much

          1. i went to dentist and they said my tooth had rotted and root has to be taken out in really scared does it hurt to have it taken out and how long does it take for a false tooth to be ready and fited as i go bck to school on wednesday in year 9 (a major year in school) but i refuse to go until its fixed as it is i get bullied meaning it will be worse and im worried if i dnt go back i loose out on education and advice what i can do or answers to my question will be fab thanks

          2. It will be very hard, almost impossible to get you something before Wednesday. But I think the best thing would be to discuss it with your dentist and he or she will explain all the possibilities.

  18. Dr.
    Help me! 2 teeth away from my right front tooth it is kinda starting to hurt like its starting to become loose and fall off.I have no idea why its happening.I’m 11 and i havent been in any accidents.I don’t remember if its an adult tooth or a baby one.

    1. Sebastian, it’s more likely to be a baby tooth, considering your age and the fact that you didn’t have an accident. 2 teeth away from your front tooth is either a baby canine or a baby 1sr molar, so it’s normal. If you want to make sure, as your parents or have it checked by a dentist.

      1. Thank you so much Dr.! Also as when was very little i used to box with my brother but we never had teeth guards so he knocked out most of my teeth before they were ready to come out so i kinda don’t remember adult to baby anymore.

  19. Dr.
    my top front tooth has just snapped off there is still the root of the tooth inside my mouth i dont know what to do

    1. Unfortunately Serish, if the tooth is fractured from the root, it cannot be put back on. I recommend you to see a dentist to evaluated if you can get a root canal and crown, or if it’s better to extract your tooth and replace it by something else (implant, partial).

      1. docter i already had a root filling in the tooth that has snapped off u can see it when i open my mouth. there is little of the tooth remaining its like 1mm off my gumline, 2 teeth to the left i have a large gap also which i was quoted £2000 to fix i am so concerned and have no isea what to do do you know what might have caused this as when it happened i was eating a baguette something iv eaten many times before and nothing like this has happened it wasnt even that hard i was so supprised i am in shock i feel ridiculous an dont know what to do

    1. At 15 it is rare that there are baby teeth still left in the mouth. If your son lost a baby tooth and if the permanent tooth is there then it should erupt eventually. But to get a more clear answer, you need to take your son to a dentist and have an x-ray if needed.

  20. my mother is 72 years old she like to eat meat but she is tooth less.i need a doctor around nelspruit S.A to tooth falls for her

    1. Catherine,

      If your mother was toothless for a high number of years, sometimes the gum ridges that are left are too small to support stable dentures. You might find a dentist and ask about the possibility of placing dental implants. If your mother is in good health, she might be a good candidate.

  21. Im 13 and my front right 2nd adult tooth is loose and is definetely gonna fall out in the next 5 days(max). Im really afraid of it leaving a gap. The tooth itself, it came out 1 month after the baby tooth fell off and about halfway of its growth its stopped growing, it is the same size as it was 6 months after it came out(the tooth came out when i was 8-9). Im thinking of getting false ones but its gonna cost. Any Suggestions??

    1. Hello Jon,

      I suggest you have it checked before and make sure it’s really an adult tooth. At your age it might still be your baby canine tooth that is starting to move. It’s one of the last deciduous teeth to fall out.

      1. It has been checked when i got tooths pulled out cause the adult in both was growing behind the baby ones. The dentist says it wiggly and has no followup tooth . Is my teeth screwed up?? My canines havent fallen out , just started to get wiggly but the ones next to them(pulled out ones) are fully grown?? whats wrong with my teeth??

  22. im 14 my front tooth has been acheing on and off for about a week now, today, i look in the mirror and see a small crack at the top where it hits my gums, now i dont brush my teeth THAT often, im afraid its an adult tooth and im gonna loose it

  23. I am 15 years old, I feel a bit of pain on one of my bottom tooth. I feel it wobbly, and in the back it does not have as much gum as the other. I’m scared, will it fall out?

  24. I have gingivitis (I’ve been able to stop it from progressing, by visiting a periodontist and regular dental checkups) , however none of my teeth that are in the infected area are loose or show signs of weakness. However, I did bite into something very hard yesterday (a spoon), and now that tooth is a little bit loose. I have an appointment in 6 days to have it checked out, but what should I do in the meantime? Do you think it’s possible that the tooth will tighten back up on it’s own?

    1. It depends how much bone is left around your tooth’s root and how bad was the biting on the spoon. I think your tooth should become less loose in a few days, but only your dentist can confirm it.

  25. I have medicaid and closest dentist that see’s adults is 1 1/2 hour drive and has 3 month waiting list so doubtful but no pain thus far so I think its fine for now-maybe at tax time I can get a partial put in but thanks for the reply-Phil

  26. my tooth has been broken for a while,im 32 and the filling had fell out some time ago.I had been using the temp fillings but the back of the tooth broke off and fell out so i had less then half a tooth left that fell out tonight-very little blood and no pain.I do have MS so am on pain killers so it may hurt in the morning but im assuming if it doesnt swell up or hurt then it is just a dead piece of tooth that finnally fell out.Wish me luck!

  27. I don’t know if this was an adult tooth or a baby tooth , can you please help me , One night about a month ago I cracked my tooth out by eating a hard fries. Then now I looked up in my mouth and there is this hole in where the tooth was. I am 15 years old so I am sooo confused, my dad said it could have been a baby tooth… I am soooo scared right now…. 😦 PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Santana,

      If it was a baby tooth, it’s not a big deal as it is about to fall out. It happens less often that at 15 you still have baby teeth, but it’s not impossible. The only way to make sure is to have your dentist check it.

    1. Kristian,

      You probably have gum disease or gum recession. Is your tooth also moving? Having it checked by a dentist, with a proper x-ray, would be easier to determin if your tooth will eventually fall out or not.

  28. I am glad to see this information posted because I had a front tooth that was knocked out in an car accident when I was 21 years old. The paramedic who came to the accident told me to push the tooth back into the socket. I did so immediately. I am now fifty eight and still have the tooth without having a root canal or anything.


    1. It is unbelievable! You are so lucky it healed. A few days ago my 8 year old son’s front tooth got caught by a thin rope in the jumper while he was jumping. There was a net on a jumper window. I don’t know how this could ever happen but his front permanent tooth got caught by that net and it pulled it completely with the root. We put it back and took him to emergency room, where they said that they cannot help us because they don’t have dentist. It was Sunday evening, so i could not find a dentist at that time. Then I searched online and found a dentist who put the tooth back. I pray every day so it would heel. It was put back within an hour and a half. Then I learnt that in emergencies there are no working dentists but they have a list of phone #s of some dentists who should come and help in emergencies. I am going to sew the hospital if my son’s tooth won’t hill. Because of them we lost a lot of time

        1. Dr. I’m 14 and all of a sudden at school I touched my tooth in the front next to my front two teeth and it felt like it’s wiggly, if it falls out im not going to school. my mom made a dentist app. But I want to know what it is!! what could it be. I brush my teeth twice a day everyday and its not a baby tooth. i havent gotten in any accidents . what is it?! 😦

          1. Hello Mary, first I must congratulate you for brushing regularly. About your wiggling front tooth, it might be your baby canine? If you are 14 yo, this is possible. The baby canine is usually the 3rd tooth from the middle. It can also be the second one if the lateral incisor hasn’t formed. But I’m going too much into details, your dentist is going to confirm it to you when you see him or her.

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