How should patients with cancer care for their oral health?

If you have cancer it’s important for you to continue regular and thorough oral hygiene, which includes brushing and flossing two to three times a day. Remember that when you brush, use a soft or ultra-soft bristle toothbrush, and if the bristles are too hard, rinse the toothbrush in hot water for 15 seconds.

Also, when you brush your teeth, use a mild-tasting toothpaste because if too much flavour is added the toothpaste can irritate your mouth. If even the mild-tasting toothpaste irritates your mouth, rinse with salt and water after brushing your teeth.

To avoid gum disease, rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash, but it’s important to avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol. Since many mouth rinses sold in pharmacies do contain alcohol, you can ask either your pharmacist or your dentist to help you find a brand that does non-alcohol containing.

Last but not least, flossing in between your teeth is very important. When you go through chemotherapy or radiation therapy your mouth becomes drier from low saliva flow. You have more chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease. That is why you should floss at least once a day.

Full article: Cancer Treatments and Oral Health


3 thoughts on “How should patients with cancer care for their oral health?”

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