Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Teeth?

chewing gumMany dentists claim that chewing gum after meals can help reduce the occurrence of cavities. The gum must of course be sugarless or instead of preventing tooth decay, it will help create it. Chewing gum acts by stimulating saliva production and neutralizing acids in the mouth that are used by bacteria to demineralise teeth and initiating tooth decay.

It is therefore recommended to chew on sugarless gum after a meal if it’s not possible to brush your teeth. Dentists advise not to chew more than 10 to 15 minutes or else, long term use of chewing gum can create jaw problems. Also, chewing gum does not replace brushing and flossing your teeth, because it does not remove dental plaque from around your teeth and your gums.

Chewing gum must therefore be used as temporary way to partially clean your teeth if you do not have access to a tooth brush or dental floss. But it should never be considered as a replacement of regular brushing and flossing.

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In French: Est-ce que la gomme à mâcher aide à garder les dents en santé

12 thoughts on “Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Teeth?

  1. Thats good. I am 16, most of my friends at school don’t have fillings. I have three and I am due for another in a few weeks. Do you have any reason why? My diet usually involves…

    Breakfast: 2 wheatabix with milk and a tablespoon of sugar in microwave

    Break snack – Chocolate bar

    Lunch: Sandwiches (2), crisps, 2 biscuits and an apple + water

    Another snack – Be it fruit or mints

    Dinner: A cooked meal, usually pasta or rice.

    I brush my teeth twice/three times a day. Any advice please? I hate fillings.

    • The Cavy,

      Having cavities depends of three things:
      1- bad oral hygiene
      2- sweet nutrition
      3- composition or your saliva

      I think you can brush your teeth after your chocolate bar snack in the morning, or replace it with other fruits like you do in the afternoon. Chocolate is very sweet and can cause cavities.
      Also I recommend flossing more.

        • Indeed, I was just highlighting that people seem to think chocolate is a major problem and crisps are okay. Most people don’t realise that chocolate gets mostly removed by saliva but crisps don’t.

    • If you have temporary crowns made out of acrylic (plastic), it is not recommended to chew gum because it will stick on the acrylic. But temporary crowns are usually worn for a few weeks only until you get your permanent crowns.
      As for regular permanent crowns, which are mostly made out of gold or porcelain, it is ok to chew gum.

  2. I just found out that our school dental is sponsored by Wriggleys and they are encoraging kids to chew gum. They even gave my child a free piece of gum after he visited (which of course he chewed on until he came home from school). This seems wrong to me. Do you agree?

    • @ Shaun,

      If Wriggleys is sugarless, then it is ok for your child to chew on it. But I wouldn’t recommend to chew on gum for hours, as over the years your child might develop TMJ (jaw) problems. Usually 10 minutes is enough.

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