Alcohol and tooth extraction

What if you have just had a tooth extracted and wondering if you can have a glass of wine, or even a beer? Or you might have had your tooth extraction a week ago, and although it feels pretty comfortable in your mouth, you still wonder if you can go out with friends and have shooters!

The first few days after an extraction, it feels uncomfortable to eat or drink anything. Therefore alcohol might not be a good choice of beverage. Some people might argue that alcohol disinfects the extraction site, but rinsing with water and salt is a better idea. It is not officially forbidden to have alcohol after any tooth surgery… unless you are taking medication such as pain killers or antibiotics.

Some of these drugs can become toxic if alcohol is taken during the same period. It is therefore important not to have alcohol if any medication is taken after tooth extraction, depending on the prescribed period, which is usually from seven to ten days.

Complete Article: Can you Drink Alcohol after a Tooth Extraction?
In French: Alcool et extraction dentaire


2 thoughts on “Alcohol and tooth extraction”

  1. If I am simply unable to rinse with salt water (it makes me gag – alot!) can I rinse with Orajel antiseptic rinse for mouth sores? (bottom left molar extracted four days ago)

    1. Hi Stacey, yes after four days you can. It’s only the first 24 hours that you are not recommended to rinse with anything. After that you can use salted water and any mouth wash, even if it contains alcohol.

      But if you want to drink alcoholic beverages, make sure you are not taking medication that are contraindicated with alcohol.

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