Eating with retainers on

If you have just finished your orthodontics treatment, you must be very happy that you don’t have you braces on anymore! Usually after the braces come the retainers, for a period of a year or even more.

People who had braces got used to eating with them. The types of foods were limited, but after at least a year of having braces on, eating became a common thing to do. When it comes to retainers, it is important to remove them when having a meal. Retainers are not made to chew foods; they are just needed to keep teeth at their aligned position.

After each meal, it is important to brush and floss correctly before putting retainers back in your mouth. If you have dental plaque on your teeth or on your gums, retainers might leave them stuck even harder and risk of developing cavities or gum disease.

Complete Article : Do You Have to Remove Your Retainers when You Eat?
Source of Picture : Braces 101
In French : Manger avec des appareils orthodontiques dans la bouche


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