Early childhood caries

Early childhood caries is something that all parents should be concerned about if they are taking care of a baby or a child younger than 5 years old. This type of cavity is very aggressive and it affects deciduous teeth, especially the front ones that are on top. Early childhood caries apprear if a child’s teeth are exposed for long periods to liquids containing sugars. These liquids include fruit juices, soft drinks and even milk and baby formula.

It was previously called baby bottle tooth decay because a baby’s front teeth had extensive cavities after leaving for a long time a bottle in his mouth containing either milk or any other sweet liquid. The resulting effect were dark brown spots that could be seen around the front teeth. If these cavities develop, they grow larger, eventually destroying the whole tooth, like shown in the group of teeth on the above picture.

It is recommended not to let a baby have his bottle for more than 10 minutes, if the bottle contains milk or any sweet liquid. If the baby bottle remains longer in a baby’s mouth, only pure water should be in it.

Full article: Early Childhood Tooth Decay.
Source: Update on Early Childhood Caries
In french: Carie de la petite enfance


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