Dental tourism

Dental TourismIn countries like Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe, extensive dental treatments can be very costly. That is why some people chose dental tourism, where you could visit another country and pay less for your dental treatments.

So why not travel to another country, and have your teeth repaired at the same time. The whole thing would probably cost less than if you had your teeth worked on at home.

I had a patient last year who needed a bridge with two missing teeth. The cost of that bridge in Canada would have been at least $4,000. With that money, she was telling me, she could pay herself a trip to Mexico, or even Thailand, and pay for her bridge over there. So can dentists in those countries really be trusted?

In all countries, there are good dentists and bad dentists. I have seen great root canal work done in Brazil. I also saw beautiful crowns done in Russia. What is important is to look up those dentists and have good referral before consulting them.

I have also seen crowns with decay left under them that were done in other countries. The thing that concerned me is that the dentist who made those crowns was very reputed in his city.

Should people go abroad for their dental work? If I wasn’t a dentist, and if I needed dental work done, I would find a good dentist, whom reputation I know, and who is located close to where I live. But when I travel I would concentrate only on tourism. However, if I was in Brazil and if I happened to need a root canal, I would go to the dentist that I mentioned above with no hesitation.

To finish on a funny tone, here’s a picture of a dental professional in North Africa. He repairs your dentures on the spot! He has a choice of hundreds of teeth to match exactly what you need.

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In French: Tourisme dentaire


2 thoughts on “Dental tourism”

  1. I went to Thailand for veneers in June ’08 for in Dec 07, one of my 22 yr old front permanent teeth chipped and I needed it replaced in addition to the other 5 for consistency of color. I did my research then made an appt at Bangkok Dental. I must say though the trip was major, for a little over $7,000 I got 20 veneers – only $1,000 above the US price for 6 veneers. I was impressed with the level of general care, pain management and A++ facilites provided in Bangkok. I would recommend it to anyone debating about what to do about cosmetic dentistry in these economic times – and in happier economic times as well. If anyone wishes to contact me about my experience, feel free at I do this only because when I was looking for a referral or opinion on the internet, I could only find 1 Yankee who gave a recommendation. Regards, DagnyAtl

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