Dr Marie-Claude Michaud

One of the greatest dentists I have known is Dr Marie-Claude Michaud. She and I know each other very well because not only we had done our dental studies together at university, but we have also worked together for many years.

Marie-Claude and I got our dentist diplomas in 1999. She continued studying by doing a year of residency while I worked on opening a new office. During her residency year, she became very acquainted with surgery dental extractions, including wisdom teeth removal, and this still remains her best asset! She offers the best care for her patients and clearly explains all different options that they have before starting treatments.

Her lovely personality puts anybody at ease and her work is perfect. If you get her on a cheerful day, she will even make you laugh!

By the way, did I mention that Marie-Claude is my own dentist!

In French: Dr Marie-Claude Michaud.

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2 thoughts on “Dr Marie-Claude Michaud”

  1. Professionale, ma piena di calore umano e comprensione. Mette subito le persone a proprio agio. E’ una persona che si fa apprezzare. Anna.

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