What should you eat if you have cancer?

If you have cancer and you are undergoing treatments, whether it’s chemotherapy or radiation therapy, your ability to taste changes, and you might find it more difficult to eat the foods that you are used to eating. But despite these uncomfortable difficulties, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet as it is recommended by your physician.

It’s important to get the right amount of calories and nutrients. Protein intake is something to consider everyday. You must also make sure you get enough vitamins by eating enough fruits and vegetables. If needed, you may take vitamin supplements that also provide minerals and calories.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol during cancer treatment. Tobacco is a strong carcinogen and should never be used in the first place, even less if you are diagnosed with cancer.

Acidic foods can cause irritation in your mouth. You should therefore avoid acidic, high-sugar beverages like soft drinks and energy drinks. Consumption of grapefruit, orange juice, and tomato juice should also be reduced because they are acidic natural foods.

Full article: Cancer Treatments and Oral Health
In French: Que faut-il manger si on est atteint d’un cancer?


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