What reasons might cause people to lose their teeth?

Tooth Loss
Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is an unhealthy situation and many people believe it is something inevitable when you grow old. The fact is you don’t need to lose your teeth if you take care of them all your life. They will help you savour foods and nourish yourself in order to maintain you healthy for a long time.

By understanding the reasons why people might lose their teeth, it is possible to give a smart attention to your overall oral health in order to keep your teeth healthy all your life. Here are the causes of tooth loss:

  • Poor oral hygiene increases the chances of you getting tooth decay and gum disease. Dentists advise to brush your teeth after each meal, or at least twice a day, and to floss at least once a day. It is also recommended to visit your dentist every six months for a check-ups and cleanings.
  • Poor nutrition can ruin your teeth. Foods that contain a lot of sugar and acids can damage your teeth and gums. Such diets initiate cavities.
  • Poor habits such as tooth grinding (bruxism) uses up your teeth over the years and make them shorter. People who grind intensely can also fracture their teeth. Smoking can make gum disease worse, which leads to tooth loss.
  • If your kids play contact sports such as football, hockey, basketball and martial, they should wear a mouth guard to prevent trauma that can fracture of injure a tooth.
  • Some people have an intense fear of dentists and never visit one, even if they are suffering from severe tooth ache. Not seeing a dentist for a problem in your mouth can worsen the condition over time and eventually lead to tooth loss.
  • Some people cannot afford dental treatments. But it’s not everything done by dentists that’s overly expensive. Sometimes you can alternative treatments that are less costly. Remember also that preventing problems costs less than repairing problems.

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In French: Pour quelles raisons les gens peuvent-ils perdre leurs dents?


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