Dr Caroline Trinh

Dr Caroline TrinhBy finishing top of her class at university, and by pursuing her studies in orthodontics, periodontics and jaw science, Dr Caroline is not only a great dentist, but also a wonderful friend.

I got to know Caroline very well because we often had jointed clinical segments during our studies. We also did our dental thesis together which topic was radiology. During that time it was noticeable how she was a bright student and very committed to learning in order to later become a great dentist. After graduating, we continued pursuing our dental learning by taking continuing education courses on dental implants, prosthodontics and many other dental subjects.

Caroline had the reputation of being a “dental encyclopaedia” at school. She truly knows it all! Her expertise and attentive care will help her patients throughout her career and she is very appreciated for that. She currently practices at Centre Dentaire de l’Ouest with her sister Nathalie.

In French: Dr Caroline Trinh

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