What are the consequences of losing your teeth?

People can lose their teeth for many reasons. But the long term consequences can be very bad for your health and for your overall well-being. Knowing those consequences might help you realize how important it is to take care of your teeth in order to keep them healthy and not to eventually have to extract them.

Here’s a list of tooth loss consequences:

  • You might develop speech problems as it might be hard to pronounce some letters if you are missing too many teeth.
  • Avoiding certain foods because having less teeth might produce chewing problems.
  • Avoiding going out in public because if your missing teeth are showing, you might be embarrassed to show your smile.
  • Because of the way your smile looks, you might develop anxiety and self-consciousness.
  • Stiff jaws because with fewer teeth it’s harder to chew on foods and there is more stress expressed in your jaws.
  • Other teeth might become weak because there are fewer teeth to use when you eat.
  • Other teeth might move, or incline because there is nothing to stop them. This condition might induce periodontal disease and possible tooth loss.
  • You might develop nutrition problems because you cannot eat all types of foods.

Full article: Causes and Consequences of Tooth Loss
In French: Quelles sont les conséquences de la perte des dents?


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