Is a tooth alive?

Can teeth be considered as being alive? Well a tooth cannot move around on its own and reproduce like any other living organism. Also, a tooth cannot develop by itself if it is not inside a living body. But a tooth, like all other organs, has a flow of nerves and blood vessels. This blood flow helps it grow and mature before it emerges in the mouth.

When a tooth has completed its development and is located in its right position on the jaw, it does not really need the nerves and blood vessels located in its pulp chamber. A tooth can remain functional without needing blood and nerves that originally helped it progress to maturity. That is why a tooth that has had a root canal can remain in a person’s mouth for a lifetime and play its purpose of chewing and eating.

Full article: Are Teeth Alive?
In French: Est-ce qu’une dent est vivante?


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