Dr Alireza Toussi

A young dentist full of life and energy, Dr Alireza Toussi is at your service. He has been working with me at Studio Dentaire for almost a year now and all his patients say that he is a friendly and caring dentist who has a good sense of humour as well. The treatments are usually well done in a painless way. Dr Toussi is professional, knowledgeable, patient, and he makes you feel very comfortable.

List of all dentists

Dr Alireza Toussi | Dr Antoine Nguyen | Dr Brock Rondeau | Dr Caroline Trinh | Dr Marie-Claude Michaud | Dr Mona Lisa Karazivan | Dr Mysa Vovan | Dr Nimatt Pertick | Dr Pascal Terjanian |


7 thoughts on “Dr Alireza Toussi”

  1. I have a bump towards the back of my mouth on the inside of my cheek it has been there for a few days and now it has a small black dot. i am very concerned. should I be worried and is it cancerous?

      1. It does not hurt and it is on the bottom of my cheek right above my back tooth i am very young and i take good care of my teeth i think this info may be helpful.

          1. Ok i was wrong there are infact three small dots and one has started to bleed. i am also starting to feel a barley noticeable amount of pain. the bump actually looks like sevrel bumps just closely toghther.

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