Dr. Katya Archambault

Dr Katya ArchambaultA dentist that is smiling, enthusiastic, welcoming, and full of energy, Dr. Katya Archambault excels in her field of dental implants. She is a dentist by training who has later specialized by following post-doctoral studies in implantology at the University of New York, she now practices in Montreal and Warwick in the Canadian province of Quebec, and in Washington DC clinic as well in the United States.

She is also a professor in the Faculty of Dentistry of McGill University and has also her own teaching academy of dental implants destined for dentists. In fact, this is where I took my first implant course and I was charmed by the enthusiasm, knowledge, and talent of Dr. Archambault. She has a unique way of transmitting her knowledge that captivates your attention and nourishes your interests. It is also during my classes at the academy that I placed my first dental implant in one patients and it was a success because I was well trained and well coached.

The implant school of Dr. Katya Archambault is called the Canadian Academy of improvement in implantology. It is a young academy that has great potential and of which many dentists will benefit from the knowledge that they will get.


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