Is a root canal treatment a painful procedure?

I am sure if I asked this question to 100 people, they will all answer yes! Why is that? Root canals scare people because of an old myth that made them think that they hurt. But the truth is that with today’s methods and technologies, root canals are not more painful than doing a filling. By the way, I should find 100 people who have actually had root canals before making this survey!

Dentist recommend a root canal treatment on a tooth in order to save it if it has had a very advanced cavity or to relive pain caused by a tooth infection or inflammation of the nerve. With modern anaesthesia, a person undergoing root canal treatment should not feel any pain at all during the procedure.

In rare cases where severe dental infection occurs, numbing a tooth might be harder to achieve, and the dentist may decide to prescribe antibiotics prior to the treatment. Moreover, if the treatment seems very complicated to do, your dentist might decide to refer you to an endodontist, who is a dentist specialized in root canals.



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