Is it normal for a tooth that had a root canal to remain sensitive?

The whole reason why a tooth undergoes a root canal procedure is to remove the nerve and not to have pain anymore. Mild pain can be felt on a tooth but only for a few weeks following the procedure. Persistent pain months after the treatment is not normal.

Sometimes a minor adjustment on the filling or the crown is needed to eliminate the pain. Among the reasons why there is persistent pain are hidden canals that were not cleaned during the procedure, or the root of the tooth itself that is fractured.

In rare cases where pain is still present months after the procedure and all proper adjustments were done, your dentist might refer you to a specialist for root canals called endodontist. The specialist will find the proper diagnosis and have the tooth treated when possible. But in cases where the root itself is broken, no treatment can be done to save the tooth and unfortunately it would have to be extracted.



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