Root canal treatment procedure

I found this great video on YouTube that shows an animation of how a root canal is done by dentist. Sometimes when I am asked to explain what a root canal is. But as they say an image is a thousand words. An animation is even much more!

The video shows two uncovered teeth: the premolar on the left has a healthy pulp tissue with nerves and blood vessels; the molar on the right has its pulp infected. The infection was caused by either a very deep cavity or trauma, and we see that it has gone beyond the ends of the roots.

The first step of the root canal is to access the infected pulp. Then the procedure consists of cleaning all of the pulp tissue contained in each of the canals. We see 2 canals here, but a molar actually contains 3 to 4 canals (sometimes even more!)

After the inside of the tooth is clean and disinfected, each canal is sealed with filling material so that the infection doesn’t appear again.

Posts are placed, followed by a crown because a tooth that has had root canal is more fragile and needs support to function properly without breaking.


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