Art by Victor Nunes


victor-nunes-portraitVictor Nunes is a retired art director living in São Paulo, Brazil. He now has a creative hobby which is very unique: he uses bits of foods and other household appliances in which he completes by drawing faces and other sketches.

His artwork is very imaginative. In this example he utilizes old toothbrushes to draw faces, people, and even what looks like to be a dentist! On his other sketches he uses everything from popcorn, scissors to bits of lettuce, designing the most funny but impressive pieces of art! He mentioned that he draws everyday, and he regularly publishes his remarkable masterpieces on his Facebook page, which will surely make you smile!

Here’s a showcase of his most impressive pieces!

victor-nunes-9 victor-nunes-10 victor-nunes-11 victor-nunes-2 victor-nunes-3 victor-nunes-4 victor-nunes-5 victor-nunes-6 victor-nunes-7 victor-nunes-8


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