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  1. I just had my top 13 teeth pulled 5 days ago and the feeling I have in the front part of my mouth on the gums is as if you burned the roof of your mouth and run your tounge over it and get that burning tingling sensation, and hurts so bad. I’m hoping it’s not a dry socket, there is a white kind of tissue over the gums but hurts real bad when my tounge runs across it. What could be causing the pain?

  2. can i smoke had oral surgery 6 days ago and have bone exposed til dr fixes it on monday was told not to smoke for 1 week and its been 6 days do u think if i smoke i will get dry socket

      1. Hi Doc, I had a molar pulled a couple days ago and HEY…I am not gonna ask if I can smoke! My question is…the dentist could not get me numb and I got about 8 shots all together of several different “Caines” I would guess. I was told she tried several different numbing agents. I get drugs tests and I had to get a mouth swab today (48hrs after the shots). Could any of that kind of stuff show up as “cocaine” in a drug test?

  3. I was just wondering about eating and wisdom teeth… is it possible to eat soft slightly solid food the first day you get them extracted or is there too much of a risk of getting it in the socket, even if there are stitches.
    I’m unsure if mac and cheese is considered soft enough or if I should just be having liquid stuff. And if it’s not possible to eat anything like that how soon is it possible?

    1. Trish, Mac and cheese sounds safe for the first 24 hours. If you have had stitches there are less risks of food getting into the socket. But if there is, you can rinse with salted water (not the first 24 hours though) or use a plastic syringe to softly irrigate the socket. (sorry for the late answer)

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